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I will not normally give a bad review on things but this was a by far the worst customer service or attempt that I have ever experienced. Just to give a bit of a background My wife is a member here, she signed up recently and said she said she would sign me up for 14 day pass so that I could help get her back into the swing of things of working out, form etc. Today is her 1st day; we walk in and we are told someone will be with us shortly to get us signed up for the guest pass. We don't wait long and are greeted by (what we found out later to be the General Manager) Elias. He leaves for a few seconds and return with the pass and some paperwork, he creates some small talk about my job, etc. Then the conversation goes as follows:

GM - Where do you work out now?
Me - I have a membership with Planet Fitness.
GM - Are you interested in joining us or are you just trying to workout for the day?
Me - Maybe, but I just want to workout with my wife for the day or the duration of the pass.
GM - well since your not interested you can go back up to the front desk and pay $15 to workout for the day.
Me - excuse me? My wife has already signed up for the 14 day pass why would I need to pay $15 bucks if she already signed me up?
My wife - If he just needs to answer some questions, just ask him so he can get the pass.
GM - I wont ask him anything since its obvious he's not interested in signing up.
Me - So my wife being a member has no bearing here, and all I need is a guest pass for the 2 weeks to get her on track?
GM - Since he's not signing up he can pay the $15.
Me - Why would I pay $15, when i can just take her to my gym and workout for free?

After that I told my wife to stay behind, and I would go to my gym and she could stay here to get her workout in (mind you i didn't make a scene and spoke in a normal tone). My wife refused to stay. As we walked out my wife said she was going to walk back in and speak with the manager as she felt that was the worst experience she has ever had with anyone in the customer service field. It was at that point she was told that was the GM and if we had any complaints that we could call the corporate office, we then left with me and we then went to my gym without an issue. On our way to my gym she called and was basically told that their policy for the passes, Spiel or no pass.

Personally if someone tells you upfront they aren't interested and doesn't want to waste your time and theirs by having them go thru something you know isn't going to result in a sale...and only wants a 14 day guest pass; then why not save the trouble...give them pass and let them go on their way?

Personally I wont ever return here just based on this experience. I am not sure if this will even be read or responded to by anyone from LA Fitness, corporate office etc. But I hope it does, here is my 1st and last experience with them for everyone to read and draw their own conclusions.

+10th Planet Phoenix about to watch the kids class put in work. Shortly after adults class...let the games begin!

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