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Haiku--By John McDonald--Scotland
bomb site ...always the singing flies _________ Christmas card from the Holy Land - they've coloured the snow red _________ two dead crows - the raised chalice of their empty nest _________ snagged on the barbed wire wool and wind _________ Aleppo f...

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Under This Weeping Tree--By Julie Peterson--United States
Under This Weeping Tree Standing under this weeping tree Hearing raindrops fall on golden leaves Whispers from your heart to mine Trickles of love upon my face A smile grows with drizzling drops Looking up into the storm Seeing your face within the tree Joy...

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Shoreline--By Paul Callus--Malta
Shoreline (Common
Meter Stanza) The ocean waves come rolling in There’s not a soul in sight With heaving breath they break on shore And burst in brilliant white. The sound of wind is in the air The jutting rocks stretch high Tall redwood trees defiant stand...

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In Memory with Love--Beth Winchcombe--October 2, 2015--England
Uncontrollable Why are we drawn towards the ocean? Liken to human beings, it has life energy   power        moods Gazing at the horizon as far as the eye can see a vast expanse of blue peppered   twinkling on a CALM day Waves crashing against the shore     ...

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Moments...--By Marilyn Ward--United Kingdom
the farmers field  a kite looks for movement  from the scarecrow __________ rough his hands hold me gently __________ an umbrian breeze  swishes the downy tendrils  of my grandpa's beard  __________ Marilyn Ward is a 62-year-old grandmother, who from

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Poetry Moments--By Thomas Canull--United States
so frail driven
from your warm cocoon reluctant
beauty ____________ series
of moments                  
is connected by time                
like wind                    

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My Birthday Gift--By Alice Couch--United States
My Birthday Gift The buttons on my pants pop off whenever I run. Mom looks with dismay, something must be done! I use Grandpa’s suspenders until he finds out. I’m in trouble now, hear Grandpa give a shout! Grandpa yells, “I’ve lost
weight, and my jeans now ...

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To touch a poem--By Angelee Deodhar--India
touch a poem A
deodar        blue in the sun its cones warm in my hands beneath the hemlock’s                 
spreading shade smooth mushrooms the colour of rabbit fur the pine’s spiky, musky green to the song of a warbler past a weathered branch of rai...

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Poetry--By Mary A. Couch--United States
Poetry Poems, life’s essence spoken, or written, musical lyrics of tantalizing words. Mary A. Couch resides in
Noblesville, Indiana, and works as an Admin Assistant for Taylored Systems,
Inc. a local telecommunication company. She is the Premier Poet for th...

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Dark and Light in Washington DC--By Isha Wagner--New Zealand
and Light in Washington DC I wonder how long it will endure This Vietnam memorial : will it expand or contract Or explode into smithereens A sentinel to something : dead soldiers As I think of unborn children Un-reaching to the ovum Lost forever withou...
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