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Darn... is this group dead? Anybody want to start it back up? Boardgame arena is now tablet friendly, maybe that's worth a try on a few games?

This is probably mostly a 'problem' in my area... I love to create stuff out of discarded things, scrap and waste.  But there aren't really 'junk yards' around any more.  

Where in the San Francisco Bay Area can you get inexpensive/free materials?  I'm not afraid to dumpster dive, but even there, the resources are slim pickings in an area that recycles so assiduously!

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Hey Makers, TechShop donated a membership to my local PTA. You get a one month unlimited membership and 1 class.  Take a look and make a bid!

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Use the LCD in Red to preserve nightvision... What about something like a pixel ring that can point out the direction from which it will approach and recede?

I've been inspired by various passive solar projects.  One of my favorite project ideas is to supplement my hot tub heating with a solar water heater.  I've seen various totally passive designs, and some with just pumps, but these don't seem to deal with the possibilities of cooling your water by pumping it through the collector on cold days, etc.  I have used temperature controllers before, but most tend to have a single sensor.  This project would need two sensors, with logic that only pumps water through the collector when it would be efficient to do so.  There are pre-made solar water controllers out there, but most are intended for supplementing water heaters.

Any advice on where to get started sorting out the options for a solar hot tub heater that can sense the appropriate temps?

I'm pondering the idea of getting a laser cutter for home. I'm lucky enough to be kind of near a TechShop, but not quite close enough.  Any advice on how to begin shopping?

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I agree.

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I really need a job at Make!

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