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Welcome to the Google+ Page! We'll be giving away TWO Gigabyte X58 Motherboards - 1 USA Winner & 1 International Winner!

To enter simply add us to your circle and +1 this post! We'll be announcing the winner one week from today here on google+, thanks and good luck! Dual X58 Gigabyte Motherboard Giveaway! USA AND INTERNATIONAL!
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Yes Elric! Dedicated fan right here!
man i really need this for my pc build
won ton
>_< please choose me - i need to upgrade from socket 775 :( - i have a hard time editing raw files in this old dual core Pentium D
Would be nice to win :) so i could get my i7 920 to perform better :)
Very informative video's, keep up the great work guys!
It's been years since I last upgraded my computer and even then it was with budget level hardware. I could really use this right now!
if half of your subs on youtube enter the contest it will be a 1-30,000 chance for one to win thats how i like it having a 1-100 chance thats low of a number :P so what happerns when you get two internatsional people who win did you factor that Elirc!
1 in 60 chance ! No WAIT
I love your videos to keep up to date on tech!
duuuude a G+ page has been well over-due, nice to see one finally up :P
on a side note one of those boards would make a nice upgrade from my old MSI MS7301 XD
i want that motherboard please, yo quiero esa placa madre porfavor!!!
this is the best page about computers that i ever seen!!
this is pretty awesome :3 and those are some pretty cool motherboards!
Awesome! Greetings from the Netherlands
Finally something for the International viewers!!!! Thanks.
oh man this would be perfect to start my upgrades! im still running a quad-core :/
Here i am Elric! So, keep on rocking and keep on doing those awesome giveaway contests! Cheers from Portugal!
i hope i win~ thanks for all the chances elric!
Glad to have you on my g+. Awesome show as always. :)
Ben Old
Sweet! Awesome video reviews my man
Woots one of the only international giveaways I've seen in a long time..
I want it! I have just enough money to build a computer, but i don't have enough for a mobo
What i'm gonna do:
Two way Crossfire ATi Radeon HD5970
Intel core i7-2600
Swiftech MCP350 12V Industrial Water Cooling Pump
Corsair vengeance 8GB DDR3
ASUS Xonar sound card
802.11g Wireless WIFI PCI Adapter Card

I live in Canada and i would like to build a best, 'cuz i'm still stuck with an AMD phenom X3 and an radeon HD 4200.....
It would be appreciated:D
too bad they are intel :( AMD FTW!
I would really like to win this prize as i was in the process of upgrading my computer when someone in my family passed away and we ran into financial difficulties and i can no longer upgrade my computer anymore. It would mean a lot to me if i won this. Thank you for reading and good bye.
Hey MBO what do you think of us Canadians? I WANNA WIN BTW
I do loves me some motherboards.
Gigabyte is one of the best motherboard manufacturer and currently i am using the GA-P55A-UD3 its great. i hope i will win this.
I would love to win one, I have built a few
pcs my self and would love to try this baby out!!
oh wow i hope i win this
YES Elric! i want to win :D
Would like to see how far I could push this board....Bring it on, let a brother win one.
I really could need is cause I am building my own gaming pc now!
Greetings from Portugal!
You are doing a great job. Keep it up!
A new motherboard would be nice :) cheers.
Awesome guy with some Awesome motherboards from Gigabyte!
Hello from down under(Australia)! It's great that we finally have an international contest.
Well i guess this page is a start :) Hopefully this Google+ thing takes off.
Leaving my comment, that motherboard looks excellent. :D !!
another great product from gigabyte. keep it up. thumbs up
I'd love a new mobo! Then I'd finally be able to afford a new PC! On a laptop right now.
Thanks for all the reviews and this contest Elric, you rock!
Great videos and giveaways as always. Thanks guys!
this is really sick i dont know anyone who do this for his awesome community <3
I just found you guys the other day, so this is great timing
The x58a-ud3r would be awesome! Thanks MBO for all the great reviews and Elric's humour :D
Will I maybe finally start to build my new computer with this motherboard? _ Hope so.
I wish I could win one of these contest ( ._.)
Iv'e chosen AMD because of price. But if i get a Intel Board, looks like i'm going Intel
So if I am a US Citizen who had a US mailing address but due to the military live in Japan, do I get an entry into both drawings?? LOL
Glad I found this! I am hoping to build my workstation and this would fit perfectly in with what I've got lined up. i7-980, and 16Gb ram. Fingers crossed!
It's really cool that the contests are now international! greetings from Mexico.
I´ll start to buy the other components and wait for the board.
yeaaaaa boy i hope i win im savin to build my brother a computer this would be tooo good if not u rock anyways
Ash Kok
yay im hoping to win this after my gaming pc died. r.i.p my i5 750 rig =(
Whooooooooo!!! MBO is the best!! In my whole life MBO will never be forgotten :)
Ash Kok
i hope i can win this ^^
This makes me wanna cookie... imma get one :D
That motherboard would give me the perfomance i need so bad, cant even run CODW2 atm :(
I love your videos :D You're so helpful to people that don't know much in the computing industry, I look forward to seeing more uploads from you
nice giveaway i hope i win this i so need this
I vants one! A cookie that is, oh and I guess the motherboard too!
good on Gigabyte for supplying these for the giveaway
Mission Accomplished! Blue Eagle has entered the competition...
Wouldn't mind this motherboard
If I win I'll actually be able to afford an intel based upgrade!
XD i want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish i winn i love u videos they are the best!
I hope i win, because this is one of my favorite motherboard! XD
No no wate. Google+ doesn't allowe contest on here. 
Yes this is good now if everyone else in the world used Google +
Awsome guys would love to win, as i am a pc freak myself..
Dat Le
would like 1 :)
Would like to try some Intel stuff! Oh and what's the name of your band?
Send it to Portugal pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Will this be my gift for my 19th bday on 3rd march ?:D
I really hope I win this, I've been trying to build my first own computer and this would help my very slow process xD Than all I'll need is ram and a cpu :D and maybe a power source idk yet.
Elric, you need to make more of them crazy videos.
Heeyyyy, good luck all.
But i hope i win =), Greetings From Finland !
awesome videos +1
I need that board! I need to get Project Civil off the ground! lol Let's go!
You folks seem much more receptive to this than Facebook so this may be a great new place to reach out to you all!!!
I've been looking to switch over to Intel from AMD this will help me out I already have a 920 sitting in front of me :)
Please send me a new mb, mine is making a lot of noise (high frequency) :'(

- Rob, From Norway
my first time in google plus+ pretty nice
Interested in what this page will bring to my daily reading!
welcome to G+ now lets see how many others finally come over :-)
L Noche
Another Nice Giveaway!
Nice to see a US competition that's international :D
Thanks (Y)
Could use a new motherboard... alot cheaper to build a rig on this platform than the newest ones anyway... especially if you got to start with the board for free :) Thanks for the chance!
Keep the good videos and Good luck to everyone ;)
cool! free stuff! i'l surely replace my atom rig if get my hands to any of these!
I really wanna win this coz on philippines i cant buy that item, im just need some luck :)) pls choose me :D
I WANT ONE I HAVE A CASE BUT I STILL NEED MY MOTHERBOARD:( i have ever thing but the motherboard and cpu but if i win ill buy the cpu plz pick me i added you in the first 3 minutes you made google+:)Thanks hope i win
Jorge G
Another giveaway, another try. Someday I'll win something, I'm sure.
Awesome Eric! Regards from Brazil! Keep up the nice work u've done up until now. Congrats!
Trying to build my first Intel system at my dads house. Would be awesome to win. (I've built 4 amd systems, 1 for me and 3 for my friends)
I really need a new MB. Would love to have this one.
Very nice stuff for people who wants to build a little server or some rendering pc like me (:
Zx Seah
Yo i dont mind having one:)
i need an x58... thanks for the givaway! is really my favourite review site!
I want to win! Good luck everyone.
Another great giveaway. Good luck all.
Awesome this would be great to start my first built!!!
Never heard of this site before glad I have now. Will def be looking at more later.
Building a new system, got case, PSU, peripherals, Monitors, HDD, SDD and fans already, Am saving for Mobo, CPU, GPUs combo...this would really help!
International, dude i love you haha! i don't know any other reviewer in the us that does that, is there someone else? lol (= dude i love the show, i watch it and it was my favorite.. and it will be my favorite in the future, i love that humor that you have! (= well just to let you know... you are epic!
It'd be nice to get that motherboard. My motherboard died last week, which was to be expected as it was like five years old. I'm hoping to do my first build and put together a new computer soon. This board would be quite a boon.
Very nice I'm looking to getting into streaming competitive Starcraft 2 and this would be a great start to a system that could handle that.
always love to hear about newer computers. since I don't like the windos tax, I tend to build my own computers.
hey there!! hope i win
Hey Elric! Greetings from Venezuela! wouldnt be bad to get one of those AT ALL! Awsome channel! Best to you
Give the X58A-UD3R to international!!!
That board would look great in my case!
Boy, I could really use one of these. My PC is so outdated (and my motherboard may be tanked -- I'm still trying to determine this) and I simply cannot afford to bring it up to 201x-ish standards. Could get a lot done with this board -- both work and play!
Welcome to G+ =)
Was wondering when you guys were finally going to join Google+.
I want it! is one of my favorite channels when technology updates are ready to download in my brain. I'm international, so, as a great number of the followers, we all have a very little chance to win the MOBO, so, here I am, I hope to have this as my lucky day. Good luck to everyone, never stop doing reviews and international giveaways Elric!
Ouuuuuh yeahhhhh ohhh lala mobo mania lol....
nice yo see you guys around in g+!!! ..+ Is good!! FUCK FACEBOOK (?)
Thanks a lot for doing these giveaways. Good luck to everyone.
Yes please, I would love it! From Australia!
This is great. an international giveaway. Anyway... Can't wait. Good Luck everyone! =)
I Love Computer i wanna build a computer
i'm really want this motherboard......XD
Thanks for such a gift :)
Te Kent
I wanna win! its my first ever build! been wanting to build one for 4 years! hope i win!
Just added you to my Hardware Porn Circle. Hooray for the GIGAWAY! :D
bro i am one of your old subscribers and i never won a thing
Hello man i like your g+ googluck always.
Chile - Santiago