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I have a new photo. You can have it after you answer me a question. What is your guilty pleasure? One of mine is looking at funky wedding cakes online for the wedding Im not planning. Lol! You know those crazy ones like on "Cake Boss?"

30 different people fess up and Ill post.
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Food pairings wrt Beef, Veggies and wine...:} Cheers!
Romantic comedies.
Malted so much it's almost sludge, dark beer, preferably Belgian or Bavarian. It's a guilty pleasure, not a hidden one. :D
I guess you could say my guilty pleasure is COED magazines website
Oh and looking at ur photo shoots...:}
Occasional warm chocolate cakes...:)
Eating junk food during the week a competition is being held.
sitting in front of the TV with ben & jerry's red velvet cake ice cream & watching old sitcom reruns - like sanford & son or three's company.
+Scarlett Renee : Crossfit or olympic weightlifting events. Still new to these sports, but I admit its tough to 'eat clean' before these events. Sooooo much temptation around >_<
My guilty pleasure is working out at the gym.
Beautiful redheads... Just can't seem to get enough of them, even catch myself imagining what gorgeous blondes and brunettes would look like with red hair...
Mine has become searching eBay for Boy Scout collectibles and "Magic the Gathering" cards
Following all of your websites and surfing ebay for everything I can't afford. :-)
Sports- martial arts, boxing, swimming, table tennis

sex in different time, place & posture

travelling beach, jungle & hills
Playing computer game while wife sleeping..
sneaking food from the kitchen before dinner
Surfing the internet when i am supposed to be working
Chick flicks. Specifically I watch Mamma Mia whenever I feel depressed.
+Mike Crook Send me a list o what you are looking for in Magic the Gathering. My landlady sell them on Ebay and I can have her look for what you need.
I like pens... not sure why but all kinds of pens. Sometimes I just browse the internet for pens just to see what is available. :)
Cakes? Cakes are your guilty pleasure? ;) Well mine is motorcycles. I love looking at as many bikes as I can. (+Scarlett Renee and +Jessi June are my real guilty pleasures tho)
I love watching sexy gals! 2 easy but its a hard thing! hehe
I study flute, so I browse internet to see what type of flute are available, especially the gold's ones!!!
Mine is a subtle one, it's throwing sexual remarks or witty things with alternative sexual meanings to see if others pick up on them. The more subtle the better so when someone picks up on them, I know their mind is as dirty and witty as mine.
what does it mean?(about your question)
Reading the Serenity / Firefly comic (Joss & Zed Whedon) I got at the comic book give away last weekend. Somehow growing up I got the deep seated impression the comic reading was like unto drug addiction or something.

Staring at someone and not thinking why I was staring in the first place!
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