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Gerop Splydon

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It turns out I was able to watch it live, actually. Some guy gave me a link to a live vid.
Prediction confirmed, Mayweather won by UD!
Gerop Splydon originally shared to Boxing Enthusiasts (Discussion):
I still can't find a way to see Mayweather vs Pacquiao live for free.
HBO and Showtime have done a great job preventing this.
Anyways, I'm going with Mayweather by unanimous decision!
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Gerop Splydon

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I really hate the automated spam detector. My community has about 1,000 members, and it's never ever gotten spam since it's for posting photographs of birds, as well as discussions about them. The unfortunate thing is, every day, about 1/10 of the posts become automatically flagged and I have to actually get on and make them visible. It's a very annoying feature and I really wish I could disable it.
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Gerop Splydon

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Gerop Splydon

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They deleted their comments, the cowards!
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Gerop Splydon

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Is it just me, or is Google+ becoming more and more like Facebook?

Remember at the beginning when the menu used to be at the top of the page? now it's to the side, like facebook.
They added chat and have it on the right, just like Facebook

They changed scrapbook photos to cover photos, just like Facebook.

They made it so that when you go to somebody's profile, it's laid out a lot more like Facebook. you see the profile pic on the left now, and you have to actually scroll up to see the full cover photo, just like Facebook.

they added the games feature (a while ago)
they changed the about section so you see the posts side by side, just like facebook.
It won't be long before Google+ becomes Facebook. I miss the old Google+ of 2011
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…but worse. Still, it's how I use Facebook and one of the main reasons I still do.
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Gerop Splydon

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Just got 4.99 seconds on 40 yard dash at school, I feel like I actually accomplished something.
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Gerop Splydon

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Wow. There's patent search on Google now? That's cool.
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When did yugioh fail?
I wanted to know when did yugioh just turned awful was it when they replaced the original with gx or was it when 5ds came out?

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Kurama4Ever! answered 10 months ago
For me it was GX that killed it. None of the original characters were there anymore and thus there was no reason to watch it.
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5 out of 5
thanks everyone
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Nick answered 9 months ago
Yes, at the end of the original series.
I never even watched that show but I've heard about it
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WILLY answered 9 months ago
the original series was the best but gx was bad and 5 d's also terrible 5ds was retarded because they tried to make it futuristic.
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? answered 9 months ago
gx sucked the 5ds was pretty good,still nothing can beat the original series
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Gerop Splydon

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Oh, did you get here from that scroll for satan post?
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Gerop Splydon

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Google Nose? Really? They couldn't think of a better name?
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they should have called it the "olfactory division" or something like that, makes people actually want to click on it.
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Gerop Splydon

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okay then
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Gerop Splydon

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LOOK +Dav X. I don't see how its blocked at school
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Gerop Splydon

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Ohh ok
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I enjoy abusing the format.
I like certain dinosaurs and birds, with sharp teeth/beaks/claws/temperament. I have many names.. know that it is truly Gerop Splydon 80th member of ScienceSunday I still have a scrapbook... Some day, I hope to breed crows for intelligence. My page is +Turzarop
Bragging rights
I can make red paint. I was blocked by the famous Mike Elgan. My word is law.
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Went here for elementary. Decent school, and it's the one with MERLIN in it, so yeah.
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