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How critical is your business image? Business and corporate headshots were once reserved for upper management, founding partners and other executives relegated to the company’s annual report.

Times have changed - for the better! Today nearly everyone is on LinkedIn or has an image on their email signature or messaging services. How does that image reflect you and your business?

In over 20 years as a professional photographer, I have learned the primary need a professional photograph: Your image needs to convey confidence in your potential client's mind. When a potential new client is searching for a service, do you think they read your bio first? Nope. The first thing to catch their eye is your photo, and then they decide whether or not to read your bio or contact your office. If you have that awesome shot from Spring Break in Cabo as your signature shot, they might not take you too seriously.

Even worse is “no photo available,” - no one wants to be that person.

So what does offer?

We provide a service that comes to your business and photographs your people with our on-location studio. You and your employees are not out of the office, traveling to a studio someplace. The appointments are scheduled, and more importantly, minimize disruption to your business day by keeping on schedule. If your small business does not have adequate space, we are happy to offer off-site services as well.

I understand not everyone likes to have their picture taken. After decades as a professional photographer, I will help you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Since you’ll see results as we shoot, we can work together and coach you to get the image you will be proud to use.
Contact us with any questions. I look forward to helping you project the image that fits your professional vision.
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