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Tess Neale
Swedish emarketing tigress (with a passion for food)
Swedish emarketing tigress (with a passion for food)

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Cape Town event tip: one of my favorite places in Cape Town: the City Bowl Market on Hope.

Every Thursday evening there's wine tasting for R50 (7 wine estates this time), and a gazillion options of international food. It's just awesome. :)

The event info for this week:

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Cape Town #fashion fans - The next City Bowl Fashion Market is happening on the 9th of March:

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All my #wordpress  friends - I need your help:

I'm looking for a slideshow like this: but for just regular Wordpress (not Genesis theme).

I'm pulling my hair out, please let me know if you have any suggestions...anything that would allow me to show selected pages' featured image in a slideshow (widget), with the intro/excerpt, and a link to the page.

It sounds so easy (in my head), but sooooo hard to find it. Am I missing something...?

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#personaldevelopment   #leadership   #inspirationalpeople  

So happy that +Robin Sharma is speaking in Cape Town today! He's one of my absolute biggest inspirations in life and leadership

Just finished reading this book for the [I don't know how many] time:

I really wish I had a ticket to todays event, but luckily we can all "listen" via Twitter: #RobinSharmaLIVEinSA

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I'm curious: who inspires you, and why? 

(take family and friends out of the equation this time)

(yes, new blog post on it's way: "5 amazing people who inspire me, and why")

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Couldn't have said it better myself: <- if you're living abroad, or planning to move to another country, read every sentence in this blog post!

"So you look at your life, and the two countries that hold it, and realize that you are now two distinct people."

"...having to start from zero and rebuild everything, having to re-learn how to live and carry out every day activities like a child, fundamentally alters you."

"’s often part of the reason you left in the first place. You wanted to evolve, to change something, to put yourself in an uncomfortable new situation that would force you to into a new phase of your life."

"There is a palpable fear to living in a new country, and though it is more acute in the first months, even year, of your stay, it never completely evaporates as time goes on. It simply changes."

"...few things are more profound than just starting over with the basics and relying on yourself to build a life again."

Do you know any truly #seo  friendly  #Wordpress  themes?

I'm looking for fast-loading, clean code, no framework, yet with good design/typography/features.

At this point, I'm surprised about how sloppy the code is even in premium themes, but hoping to find a hidden gem thanks to you guys... ;)

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WordPress friends: I have an odd problem and would LOVE some help: 

When uploading images in .gif format, they don't resize to thumbnails. When uploading in .jpg and .png formats, they resize fine. 

Any ideas why gif format doesn't work anymore? Tips for solutions?

Better description by someone else with the same issue:

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For all Cape Town foodies & fashionistas:

City Bowl Fashion & Food Market (this Saturday)

It's time for the LAST Fashion Market for the year!

If you love fashion, vintage, accessories, jewelry, woodwork and decor - don't miss this event on the 8th of December!

30+ designers are all gathered at 14 Hope Street in Cape Town for an amazing market.

As always, there is also delicious food from around the world - so bring your fashion friends around for breakfast or lunch. ♥
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