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Progressive Intelligence Technologies LLC
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Limitless pursuit of excellence in technology solutions for First Responders and the communities they serve.
Limitless pursuit of excellence in technology solutions for First Responders and the communities they serve.

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Fantastic first day at FDIC 2014! Response to Infinite Command has been exceptional. Targeted Services hit the mark!   #FDIC2014   #fire  

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GET TO KNOW US: Interview Series - Feb 18 2014 ((Matt Klemp))

What I do: 
I oversee many of the operations at Progressive Intelligence Technologies. This includes work and managing our support team, working with our developers on enhancements and maintenance of our products, and working with customers to resolve technical and project relating concerns. I also provide direction and leadership for our municipal consulting practice. I take particular pride in providing insight and vision as well as developing strategies for success. 

I have been consulting and supporting local government clients for the last 20 years. I also have a background in software development and network infrastructure design. I have managed and completed many consulting projects, assisting clients with strategic plan development and execution. Prior to that, I was an IT director for a local municipality. Over the years I have handled a range of IT and management related duties. 

Notable achievements: 
My most notable professional achievement is undoubtedly, the great success that clients have had with our products/services – I really enjoy knowing that what we do makes a real difference! On a personal note, certainly raising our children is a top accomplishment. Also, nomination to the Babe Ruth Hall of Fame and coaching youth sports for over 15 years rank high in my book. My wife and I own and operate a growing small business, and it’s continued growth has been a journey of achievements, for us. 

Why I do what I do: 
To help people gain a better quality of life.

To get away from work, I like to: 
Play my guitar. Hunt. Spend time with my family. Travel.

The skill I’ve developed most while on the job: 
Personnel and personal management and effectiveness.

How I give back to the community: 
Support various charities through volunteering efforts. Coaching youth sports and setting a good example for the teams I have coached.

My leadership philosophy: 
Coach and mentor people so they will grow and achieve. Share every bit of my knowledge and experience to staff for their improvement.

In five years, I see myself: 
Beginning the transition into retirement.

I can help you by: 
I have a great depth of experience in many areas. My years of service for and in public agencies have provided me with a broad understanding of most issues faced by communities and agencies. I have intimate knowledge of our existing systems and can help agencies find the best ways to use our products for improving response, effectiveness, and overall safety.

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We wanted to share an important milestone... just went through a major renovation. We want to invite you to take a look around and send your comments here. As always, we appreciate our loyal followers sharing our website and our social media outlets with friends and industry professionals.

Part of relying on data to help support your day-to-day decisions, is learning to become supremely confident in the continuity of that information. Accuracy and consistency are just as important as following accepted standards & best practices. Progressive Intelligence Technologies’ experienced analysts have established unique, unbiased and proactive methodologies for uncovering hidden issues, corrective standards of practice, and a developed approach for advancing the use of available technologies.
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