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Roulette Physics
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Roulette Physics

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The casino usually has an advantage of just -2.7%. The player's edge in this public demo was around +120%. To give some scope, professional blackjack card counters may get a +2% edge. If you know anything about edge and math, you'd know the casino's normal edge is meaningless in this demo. Some people debate whether or not roulette can be beaten. Others regularly achieve comparable edges. Roulette is by far the most "beatable" casino game.
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Roulette Physics

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Dont believe this one at all. Likely a battery, or checmical energy from components. What confuses me is why anyone would want to mislead people about such an important topic?....

Roulette Physics

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Right wheel, right time. The approach used by the players was actually very basic. We know because we have details from people who reviewed the security video. The casino staff thought it was more sophisticated than it was because they didnt know better
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Roulette Physics

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I learned more about the computers tested in this video. It uses an algorithm almost identical to the traditional algorithm explained at - It is the equivalent of the free visual ballistics course at The people doing this had casino consultants supply the computers, but they use very old technology.
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Developer of sustainable technology, and roulette team manager
My primary focus is technology for electricity generation, food production and affordable housing solutions. I also develop roulette prediction technology which helps fund my activity, but generally I’m better known for my work with roulette.

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    Following achievements in high school physics and mathematics, I gained entry to RMIT to study Applied Physics. This was to attain the knowledge to develop sustainable energy solutions, not for a career in physics. But I quickly found the widely accepted models of physics are largely inaccurate, and it did no good to learn incorrect information. So I eventually quit my course and now learn in my own time. I find this far better because I don't follow a specific syllabus, and learn at a much faster rate than any course.
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