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Emma's Small Dog Barkbox Review - June 2014
Bonjour!  My June Barkbox contained treats and toys that were French-inspired, which is perfect for me as I'm such a fancy, cultured pug. Although I've never been to France, if it's anything like this Barkbox, I think I would love it! It looks like they hav...

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Zoe's Big Dog Barkbox Review - June 2014
It's almost time to get in a new Barkbox so I reminded Mommy that she had to finish my review of last month's treats and toys. Just look at how happy getting a Barkbox makes me!  For my third Barkbox, I received a "jungle-themed" box, although only half of ...

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Our Barkbox Review May 2014: Emma's Barkbox
I love Barkbox! This was my fourth Barkbox and I've yet to be disappointed. With so many delicious treats and fun toys, I can hardly wait until my box arrives each month. Now, if only I could get my mommy to transcribe my thoughts on the Barkbox more quickl...

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Our Barkbox Review May 2014 - Zoe's Barkbox
When I received my May Barkbox last month, I was super happy. Barkbox day is quickly becoming my favorite day of the month! You can sign up for Barkbox and save 10% on your subscription using my personal link and by doing so, you can help me earn a free mon...

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Our Barkbox Review April 2014 - Zoe's Big Dog Box
April was a very special month for Zoe the Mastiff as it was the first month that she received her very own Barkbox! Emma began getting Barkbox in February and after two successful months, we decided to add an extra subscription especially for Zoe. Now our ...

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Barkbox Review April 2014 - Emma's Box
Phew! It's been a super crazy month around here and we apologize for g etting this review posted so late. We actually just received the May Barkbox in the mail and it reminded us that we had yet to post our April review. To make matters more complicated, we...

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Our March Barkbox Review
After enjoying our first Barkbox so much, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our March Barkbox last week. We expected it to arrive on March 19th, as our February box showed up on the 19th as well. But there was no Barkbox. Each day last week, we faithfully m...

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Emma's Adoption Story
Last week, I shared Zoe's Adoption Story . Now, I would like to share the tale of how I became a proud pug owner and brought the perfectly "pugalicious" Emma into my life.  After we adopted Zoe in October 2011, we spent the next couple of months adjusting t...

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Zoe's Adoption Story
2, 2011 started like any other Sunday. My boyfriend and I spent the
morning relaxing at home and browsing the Internet for our next great
adventure. Little did we know, in less than 12 hours, we would be dog
owners.  It
started innocently enough. We...

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Our Very First Barkbox!!!
We're so excited! We received our very first Barkbox last month and we've been so busy enjoying it that we're just now getting around to writing about it almost two weeks later. That means it's only about another two weeks until we receive our second Barkbo...
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