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I'm in between two of your popular song suggestions for the next video... Sepultura "Arise"? or Death "Crystal Mountain"? What do you think?
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Sounds like there is a cricket on crack somewhere in the room...
Surprise us! But Lamb of God 11th. hour cover would be even better!
Difícil decisión pero me inclino por Arise
Sepultura Mass Hypnosis or Death Anything But Crystal Mountain from the Symbolic album.
How bout "lost not forgotten" by dream theater
Frank G
Sepultura Arise is a jam!
hey! do the Lack of Comprehension instead! that's the drums playing! not arise! :-j
I vote for "Arise"!!!! It would be nice to hear Slayer´s "Skelleton Christ" as well :P
Sepultura yes... But Orgazmitron please...... that song is the shit....
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