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The Leftist machinations to hijack the Dalit-Muslim Alliance
The Leftist machinations to hijack the Dalit-Muslim Alliance Yesterday I attended a talk organized by Jamia Collective on its forum Guftgu. The speaker was Subhash Gatade a well-known Left-wing thinker. The topic of discourse was “New Dalit Uprising and Hin...

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Hereafter or Aakhirat is the term used for a combination of events beginning from Qiyamah (Doomsday or the Day of the Cessation of the current Universe), Resurrection (Hour) and Hashr or Hisaab (Judgment Day) In Islam. These together are also described as Yaum-ad-Deen, which is normally translated as Judgment Day but which effectively means a Day when nothing but the Order of God will prevail in absolute terms. The sequence of events (according to the most commonly held belief) is the annihilation of all creatures allowable, resurrection of the body, and the judgment of all sentient creatures/beings.

The Hereafter has direct relation with the concept of Accountability. If God created the universe and gave the human beings free will and guidance in a world where there are many sources of evils, God cannot simply leave them unaccountable for their deeds. When human deeds have a direct as well as an indirect impact on the person performing the deeds as well as the people of the whole world and the coming generations, it is simply unimaginable that God will not judge them. The world being the place of the Preparations and Performance, the true justice will prevail after every human being has gone through the period of trial. The mankind will be resurrected again in an entirely new kind of the universe, and the results of every single human being will be declared with the allotment of different scales of awards and punishments

#qiyamah #judgementday

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The Universal Theory of Climatic Change
After observing the
temperature changes in the recent past as compared to seasons in my childhood I
developed an interesting hypothesis that led me into believing that the climatic
change in the world may be a universal phenomenon resulting from the
change ...

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Man is bound by the limits of nature itself. To know the universe from outside, man will have to be outside the universe. But nothing natural or physical cannot exist outside the universe. Hence the knowledge of the universe from without is not possible. Al...

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Concerning Human Knowledge
The length of a
man's life has been significantly decreasing throughout the human history.
According to the various religious scriptures man was once able to live well
over the age of a few hundred years. The most significant example being Prophet
Noah who ...

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Economics or Satanomics?
Economics or Satanomics? It is fairly known and evident that the world has never been just and egalitarian. There has always been a sort of class struggle based on different ideologies and interests. The powerful have always abused the weak and the weak hav...
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