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Matt Pritchett
Father, husband, nerd.
Father, husband, nerd.

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This show has been incredible and this last season has been amazing. #andamovie

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This is adorable. 

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Meet New Shirley… err, Frankie. Don’t worry, Paget Brewster smiles later in Season 6.

LG, Google, and Verizon,

This G Pad 10 runs poorly. Hangs whenever I try to play movies. Every time. LG tech support was polite, but they didn't or couldn't help. Can't get through Transformers without stops and fits. Rebooting is a daily requirement.

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I wish I was going to #SXSW2015 and I really wish I was going to the Yahoo Community fans SXSW pre-party Dance! #CommunityLivesOn and #ThankYouHonda 

Since G+ made a mess of Youtube, I have cut out the junk on G+. I am no longer following people. I am just connected to people I want to be connected to that I normally talk to on Facebook. Thanks G+. I had too much social media. Clumsy integration has solved that problem.

I can't wait until Microsoft does not have to "educate" me on their new Ribbon Interface in Office, Metro in Windows 8, and Xbox One always on.

Well, before I thought Google+ wasted most of the screen's real estate. Let's see how this works before the vertigo kicks in from everything moving.

Cnet is giving away 20G of cloud storage for life for CNet members. Um...why are you still reading this? They will come to their senses sooner or later.

I wish Microsoft would stop calling OS changes as upgrades unless it actually is an improvement. If you have a level of performance that you drop below, returning to that level of performance is not an improvement.
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