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Children's poet.
Children's poet.


Teacher: Give me one example of a subjective pronoun and one example of an objective pronoun.
Student: Who? Me?
Teacher: Very good!
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Hello sons and hello daughters,
there is no supply of waters.
Whether resident or squatter,
situation's getting hotter.
Butchers cannot simply slaughter.
Plants might wilt and become rotter.
There's no place to wash your snot-er,
if this goes on, we might totter.

So, save up water, like it's treasure,
we need every single measure.
Storing water is our pleasure.
Drinking it is our leisure.

Mummies, daddies, sons, and daughters,
grandpa, grandma, aunts, and toddlers,
kitties, doggies, birds, and otters,
horses, foxes, and trottin' trotters:

All of them need precious #water !
Bring it back, #Malaysia oughta!
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Independence Day of India

This is a very special day.
‘Tis India's independence!
This celebration shall be filled
with spirited attendance.

This is the day the old and young,
the rich and poor all gather
to celebrate this joyous day,
hand-in-hand, together.

For August 15, Nineteen Forty-seven
(as it's written),
is the day of glorious freedom
from the rule of Britain.

So rise and shine and wake up early;
you can view the telly—
and watch the Prime Minister’s speech
at the Red Fort in Delhi.

He hoists the flag triumphantly
as citizens look on;
facing up with dignity,
remembering how they won.

The Prime Minister steps forth
and gives his profound address.
Important issues he brings up;
drives India to success.

He pours out all his thankfulness to
heroes of the nation,
the souls who sacrificed their lives
for India’s liberation.

So fly your kite, o India,
for mighty is the wind.
And let us all say with one voice:
Jai Hind, Jai Hind, Jai Hind!

#india #independence #poem #2013
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Math is a wonderful thing
Math is a really cool thing
So, get off your ath, let's do some math.
Math, math, math, math, math.

~Jack Black, School of Rock
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Zed the inventor, he hated the haze.
He said, "It is causing a nose-dazing daze!"
He said, "I must think of some numerous ways
to settle this vile and fumerous case!"

He went to his lab, he researched, he drew graphs.
He got all his scientists, helpers, and staff.
They worked hard for hours, they worked hard for days,
inventing a thing to get rid of this haze.

At last, Zed announced, "My scientists and I
will fight off the haze. Our best we will try!
We couldn't be happier, we couldn't be keener
to fly helicopters with huge vacuum cleaners!

"These huge helicopters with huge HEPA filters,
(the Haze-Eliminator Processor-Air filters)
will suck all the haze!...And after this stops,
we'll use all the ashes to fertilize crops!"

The people all cheered as Zed's vacuum-helis
cylonized, sterilized, made no more smelly,
from PSI-hundreds to PSI-zero!
The people all dubbed Zed a "Zero-Haze Hero".

So guys, Zed has shown us that through applied science,
we're able to upgrade a household appliance,
and put it to good use in numerous ways...

to get rid of fumerous
not very humorous
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Our land has been hit by the annual haze,
it's sending nasal systems into a craze.
'cause forests in Sumatra have been burned with a blaze.
So now we get the haze for several days.

The PSI has hit a record of four-oh-one.
It hasn't been a gentleman to health and to fun,
outdoors, the Gangnam Style cannot be done.
(sorry, I couldn't help avoiding the pun).

People are staying home indoors like crazy.
They sit in their sofas and full-blast the AC.
The outdoor guys, well, they don surgical masks
to carry out outdoor allergical tasks.

Nasal jammed.
Yellow phlegm.
Indoors crammed.
What a shame.

But don't you worry, friends,
because it all will soon be fine.
Even the thickest haze will end
and the sun will shine.
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Hey guys, I did a piano cover of On My Own recently and I hope you can check it out. I've been a Les Mis fan since last year Nov and am so glad to have discovered it. =)

What did Washington say to his troops as they crossed the Delaware? I'm sure you're well aware... #theproducers
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A Prayer for Boston

When troubling adversary comes,
The Boston people fight.
When tragedies just happen,
All the people will unite.
For Boston is a people full of
Courage, strength, and might.
And all the criminals shall face
The fullest weight of light.

(Inspired by the 'Boston bombings cowboy')

#prayforboston  #BostonMarathon2013 #poem  
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