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Where Would We Be Without The Cross?
Where would we be without the cross? Perhaps those of us raised in the Church do not fully appreciate the message of the cross and the cost of it. Perhaps we forget because the affect of it cannot be seen in us daily. Perhaps we never fully grew in awe of i...

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Don't Play Around With Your Belief In Jesus
"Jesus was a good man." "Jesus was a prophet." "Jesus was a great teacher." Many things are said about Jesus but few people on this earth come to the same conclusion as Peter: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16) If we are discip...

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Freedom Is An Illusion
Freedom is an illusion. You are not free to do whatever you want to do, especially if what you want to do is outside of the law. When we are young we all look forward to the freedom of adulthood, but all adults know the many things that destroy any thought ...

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Are We Avoiding Growing Up?
We are meant for maturity, yet day after day we either stay the same or grow worse. We have to actively acknowledge that our Lord intends for us to grow, to become more than we were yesterday. It is not simply for our selfish purpose but for the maturing of...

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Moved To Tears
I’m not a weepy guy but last night I found myself sitting in a movie theater sobbing like a baby. It was an important story of a regular family with a dying child and I related to the parents within the first five minutes. It was not written in a way to pla...

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Not Loving Yourself But Dying To Yourself
Knowing someone is a Christian does not mean you know where they stand with Yahweh. It simply means that they identify with the Church, or their parent's faith, or some vague ceremonies of which they may be aware. There may be 2.2 billion people on this pla...

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Limiting Our Freedom
I have six daughters, five sons and two grandsons. I have experienced a lot of things in and through this small tribe. Yet, they continue to surprise me. Yesterday my wife came in to say that she had it with my 11 year old son. He is a great boy but he is a...

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In An Atmosphere Of Rebellion We Are Called To Obey
Obedience is not what our children do in our presence but how they conduct themselves in our absence. This is what was on Moses' heart as he prepared to die. His great concern was that the people of Israel would enter into rebellion and lose all the blessin...

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The Purpose Of The Things We Go Through
We are a short-sighted people. Each of us tries to understand life and our experience with our God in the context of our single life. It is only natural that we do. But we are called to go beyond the natural order; we have been called into the supernatural,...

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Be Encouraged
I am tired today and finding it hard to get motivated to start on my day, even after two cups of coffee. It has caused me to reflect on Jesus as my source of motivation and strength. As I have done this, a memory verse from Sunday School days has come to mi...
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