Wow! It didn't take long for +John Butterill to put his idea for Virtual Photo Walks (see +Gymbl post) to work, and when he did, he did it in an oh so special way.

Congratulations John, I think this is a first!
Google Plus Hangout Community Gives the Differently Abled Some Extra Mobility- Virtual Photowalks

+C. Corey Fisk went on a photowalk this past week with the assistance of +John Butterill.

Corey is an amazing, inspiring person. She struggles with many physical challenges including multiple sclerosis. She cannot leave her house on her own, but with +John Butterill 's camera and mobile hangout capability, she was able to virtually leave her house and take a professional grade photography rig into the woods for a day and select the shots she would like to take. You can watch the video of the photowalk here below.

+Google , I still think you don't understand what you have done with hangouts- you have created the most powerful tool ever invented for people who are struggling with isolation and physical or mental disability. You have reconnected us to a world which otherwise would have left us behind.
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