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The sharpest photos, steadiest video and perfect panoramas with your iPhone 4/4S
The sharpest photos, steadiest video and perfect panoramas with your iPhone 4/4S

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We have created a "Reward" on our KickStarter Project for Google+ photographers. It uses a shoe adapter to connect your iPhone and Gymbl Pro to your SLR camera.

Here are a number of Apps and Google+ links to follow: If you want to make suggestions, I'll attempt to curate a Circle of iPhone Apps for Google+ Photographers.

Prep and setup:

***Take a picture to get GPS coordinates then copy it to your SLR images in Aperture or Lightroom
***Use +Philippe Kahn's MotionX Drive to get there then MotionX GPS to tag your location and to map your walk.
***Use +Peter Breitling's excellent Clinometer to level your camera in landscape and portrait mode.
***Outdoors, use +The Photographer's Ephemeris to get sun and moon rise and set then open up MotionX again to use its compas.
***More fun, use +Star Walk and watch the sun and moon rise from below the horizon. It's also a great way to watch the nighttime sky.
***Download your camera manual App. Couldn't find one? Scan your manual to a .pdf and sync it with your iPhone using +Dropbox, +Evernote, Instapaper, iBooks, ..... take your pick.
***Need a flashlight?.... take your pick.

Instead of a behind the scenes shot, how about an around the scene panorama for context:

***The best App is AutoStitch, it will rival your SLR with a wide angle lens
***For quick and dirty virtual tours, use Photosynth, Pano 360, Demander or others.
* TourWrist and +360Cities are great places to publish
***To take pictures with your iPhone, use your headset's "volume up" control so that you don't have to push touch the iPhone.


***We use FilMic Pro for video... try it at 1-3 frames/second for some time-lapse fun
* +Derrick Story liked iTalk for audio on a recent +This Week in Photo (TWiP), also try FiRe from +Audiofile Engineering which we like a lot.

The iPhone's camera is great but it really is missing a timer and the ability to split the focus and amerture targets:

* +Lisa Bettany's Camera+ is great for this, but there are a bunch of others that are pretty good.

And bring your Circles along:

***Use the Google+ App to do Hang Outs, which you've just morphed into a +Virtual Photo Walks. +Skype will also work but you'll have to be connected to WiFi to use FaceTime, at least for now.

Now imagine what Apps could be done if you could be wired/wirelessed into your camera..... one step closer to +Alex Lindsay's camera of the future.

So, what are your favorite Apps?

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Our KickStarter project was approved!

Any help in spreading the word would be appreciated! There's a kit for doing Hang Outs with your SLR, aka +Virtual Photo Walks that is designed for the Google+ photographer community, so go on over and take a peak.

If you're interested and don't want to wait. Get your Gymbl now and drop me a note with your email address and I will send you the shoe adapter free.

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Wow! It didn't take long for +John Butterill to put his idea for Virtual Photo Walks (see +Gymbl post) to work, and when he did, he did it in an oh so special way.

Congratulations John, I think this is a first!
Google Plus Hangout Community Gives the Differently Abled Some Extra Mobility- Virtual Photowalks

+C. Corey Fisk went on a photowalk this past week with the assistance of +John Butterill.

Corey is an amazing, inspiring person. She struggles with many physical challenges including multiple sclerosis. She cannot leave her house on her own, but with +John Butterill 's camera and mobile hangout capability, she was able to virtually leave her house and take a professional grade photography rig into the woods for a day and select the shots she would like to take. You can watch the video of the photowalk here below.

+Google , I still think you don't understand what you have done with hangouts- you have created the most powerful tool ever invented for people who are struggling with isolation and physical or mental disability. You have reconnected us to a world which otherwise would have left us behind.

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The "sleeper" component of the Gymbl Pro is the Adapter that comes with it. Think of it as a leatherman or swiss-army-knife (or a Glif on steroids) for photographers that can securely attach your iPhone to anything with a 1/4-20 thread. Once in place, it lets you easily set your iPhone to landscape or portrait mode and in the latter, it functions as a pano head allowing you to pan and tilt it around the aperture of the iPhone's camera.

Earlier this week, +John Butterill called me with what I think is a great idea that hadn't occurred to me, but that is particularly relevant to G+. The essence of his idea was that he wanted to use the Adapter to attach the iPhone to his Nikon and then use Hangouts to do a virtual photo walks.

Anyway, 10 bucks later I had a shoe-adapter and my iPhone was on +Nubar Alexanian 's 5D . It's very geeky but also very functional and works perfectly and not only can you hang out with both hands on your camera, but you also have all your other Apps too. It's not the iPhone "in" the SLR as +Alex Lindsay has often wished for, but you start to see the potential.

Coincidentally I was corresponding with +Uwe Steinmueller yesterday who also has a Gymbl and I showed the hack to him and he reported back that he was already doing this for video with his SLR. Maybe others are too.

Serendipitously in my feed this morning there were a bunch of "behind the camera" shots by +Olivier Du Tré and I noticed he sometimes uses a bubble level in his shoe. Anyway Oliver, if you have an iPhone, "there's an App for that"... check out a great little App called "Clinometer" which does the same thing. So I guess you #GotaGetaGymbl ;) Also check out AutoStitch too, and you can do an "around the scene" as well.

So, I'm going to start posting more #GymblHacks and if you have any ideas, either tag them or add them to the comments below.

+Gordon Fowler
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Welcome to +Gymbl, a line of photography and video accessories for the iPhone 4/4S from +YOUBIQ. Here you will find news, events, Gymbl hacks and other items of interest to photographers.

Circle us and we won't disappoint.

+Gordon Fowler
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