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Photos Around The World Winter 2017
  Winter in Sweden   Fuji Garden Japan   Isle of Sky Scotland    Jacaranda Trees    Northern Ireland   Picacho Peak, Arizona   Rain Forest, Olympic National Park, Washington   Schafberg Mountain, Austria   The Wave, Arizona    South Island, New Zealand

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Patterns of Collecting: The Ethnographic Collections of John Woodall, William Leazer, William Swann, and others.
Quinn’s Auction
Galleries March 25 th Ethnographic Art Auction features, among
others, the works of three collectors, John Woodall, William Leazer and William
Swann, who approached collecting in separate and distinct ways. Through their
artwork one can see ...

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MY Word Winter 2017
This issue has focused on art market reports for 2016 and the art market predictions for 2017. President Trumps election has had a significant impact on the stock market that has seemingly by some expert opinion translated to the art market. We will follow ...

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Tom Wheelock - In Memoriam Winter 2017
Amyas graciously permitted me to reprint his personal recollections of Tom. This was posted on the Facebook page Amyas African Art which I encourage you all to follow. Tom and I were never close but were certainly congenial acquaintances. We both felt, howe...

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Jack Pemberton - In Memoriam Winter 2017
 Note: Jack was a great friend, cheerleader, and mentor for me for many years and he surely will be missed. His particular style, sense of civility, and generosity to all will not be replaced for the many students, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances he ...

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Trend Predictions Winter 2017
1. NEW YORK - Specialists Speak: 2017 Trends & Predictions in Collecting This year was a pivotal one for the art and auction world. Saatchi Gallery held its first all-female show in January. David Bowie’s death rendered him one of the most talked-about arti...

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Art Market Winter 2017
1. LONDON - Art Market Recovering? London May Tell (Auctions include Klimt, Picasso, Le Corbusier) Asian collectors have become such a force in the global art market that the world’s chief auction houses are rejiggering their sales calendars to suit them. L...

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*Tribal Art Magazine March 2017 - Subscribe:*
Maya. The Language of Beauty Palazzo della Gran Guardia From Oct 08 2016 to Mar 15 2017 The exhibition "Maya. The language of beauty " is an opportunity
to learn more about many aspects of the Maya, thanks to the latest
discoveries in the field of archeo...

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Top 10 Technology Advances in 2016
The 10 Best Technology Advances of 2016 By Luke Larsen  |  December 23, 2016  |  3:45pm Tech Lists best of 2016 Share Tweet Submit Pin We say it every year, but technology moves forward at a breakneck
pace. Whether it’s being applied to consumer-facing pro...

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Stolen Art Winter 2017
1. DACHAU Stolen ‘Work will set you free’ gate returned to Dachau The theft of the 100-kilo (220-pound) gate was reported in November 2014, sparking uproar, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling the crime "appalling". It was recovered outside Bergen ...
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