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Stephen Dewey
Game designer, ginger. I made Ten Candles, and I am in the process of making many other things.
Game designer, ginger. I made Ten Candles, and I am in the process of making many other things.

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Hey, so, I like springing surprise kickstarters on ya'll as much as the next person, but here's your very own peek behind the curtain. Despite wanting to launch a Kickstarter later this year, the financial fact of the matter is that I simply cannot afford to do it out of pocket. Kickstarters sadly take a bit of money to get off the ground, so I could super use some help with that. My next patreon milestone goes directly towards letting me have a six-month-or-so countdown timer on my next official Kickstarter campaign. So, if you would like another big game from me please consider going to support that thing!

I am $37/month away from that milestone, so if you like my stuff, please consider supporting!

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So, I've been in Iowa since Tuesday on business. While I was here, because I'm the best kind of nerd, I visited the local game store. What I found was Mayhem Collectibles, one of the most massive and well stocked game stores I've ever been too! They didn't have Ten Candles on their massive aisle wall of roleplaying games... but I did recognize a few titles... +Emily Care Boss+Kevin Kulp​.

They also had +Vincent Baker​'s The Seclusium of Orphone. Not pictured... because I bought it.
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Thanks to the generosity of some amazing supporters on my Patreon and by the suggestion of some good friends, I have added two new supporter levels on my Patreon, at $50 and $100 per month. Damn, they're good stuff. Just saying. 

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Just sayin... my Patreon is now just $16/month away from every single one of my Patrons REGARDLESS of funding level, getting something ridiculously awesome in the mail. If you want in on that, now is the time! Once we hit that level some wheels will start a'turnin, and once I've ordered the final thing, the recipient list is locked! If you can spare even $1/month, you'll be getting in on this!

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I had the good fortune of attending PAX East this past weekend and meeting a lot of great folks, so we have some new fans here on the Ten Candles page. As a result, I wanted to post a bit about my games and how you can help there be more of them!

While game sales are great, they are inevitably unreliable when it comes to supporting my game design. As such, I have launched a Patreon (link below).

If you are unfamiliar with Patreon, it's a way for fans to directly support the creators they love so that they can keep creating!

You can set up a monthly pledge of as low as $1 (I mean, $12 a year, that's pretty manageable right?) and in return, not only will you help me pursue my dream and make game more often, more awesome, and just MORE, but you will also get some pretty cool rewards in return.

These may include:
- Free digital or physical copies of everything I release
- Access to a patron-only game design blog
- Invitations to join alpha or beta playtests of new projects
- Access to my full works-in-progress folder to see games take form
- Monthly participation in an exclusive, patron-only, private game that will only ever be available to patrons
- Invites to patron-only meetups or game sessions at conventions
- And of course the inside scoop on all upcoming projects

And here's the silly truth. If every person who owned a copy of Ten Candles pledged just $5 a month, I would be able to work as a game designer FULL TIME. For $60 a year, you could bring the time I work on games from 2-3 hours a week, to 40 hours a week! Heck, I drop $60 on a SINGLE board game, but the amount of content you'd get from me in over a year would blow that out of the water.

I am only $16 short of my next milestone which, coincidentally, would immediately get you a little gift of some kind, so now is the time to join if you want in on that. The milestone after that, literally just $66 away, kicks the countdown to my next Kickstarter project into gear. I am so darn close to putting up a countdown clock to launch my NEXT GAME so now is the time to really jump on and offer that support. Thanks so much!

Let's say I have some recorded actual plays. But, by virtue of how I game, there is some background ambient music from YouTube jamming in the background. Are those recordings essentially unusable? I am realizing in retrospect that copyright music may bone me.

Neat, so... I have like five episodes of a podcasty thing recorded... and I have no idea how to do audio editing and no time to learn. Hrm......

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If anyone has been considering supporting me, specifically at the $20 level on Patreon... just saying this would be a good month to get started. I am finalizing a thing for print that you would get for free, and Mantlewarden is starting up this month if you want to get in on the ground floor. 

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My Patreon just hit a shiny $200! Only $4 from my next milestone, which is pretty awesome. We have yet another participant in the madness that is the $20/month level. +Wil Hall I'm proud to announce your Cavalry promotion! May the Mantle protect you my friend!

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Companions’ Tale is a story and mapmaking game that +Laura Simpson has been working on for years. We've just launched the Kickstarter! With your help, we can make this real!

About the game: “The players take on the roles of Companions and tell the story of a hero. The hero is a cipher who is viewed through the opinionated lens of the Companions that the players control. Create the Hero’s journey and learn: Who is your hero?”

This game means so much to us, and I’m glad it’s finally here. Please check out the Kickstarter page, and share widely!
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