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Jorn Barger

20 hours ago
pHensh reinvents the anthology [dontmiss]

Nov 6
freud was a fraud [loooong-2000]

Nov 5
12My ago we were fruit-eating gibbons in Spain [arcanish]

Nov 5
hot new sia song, hohum 5min vid

Nov 5
[short-sweet] winners of 2015 wolfram 1-liner competition

Nov 5
paul ford, antiquarian e-ephemeralist

Nov 5
before weblogs were
'keepers' was 
(usenet 1994) 

Nov 3
2016 pres-race coverage = 'Heathers'?

 Brian Gaar ‏@briangaar Nov 3
We think the dystopian future involves killer robots & zombies but really it's just Candy Crush being worth more than the New York Times

Nov 3
"a biography on the American power elite from World War II up to the 60s" [surprising]

Oct 31
has anyone suggested
the afterlife may take place in the distant future
when historians reconstruct all past humans
and publish their sins?

Oct 31
did archaea sometimes fuse (with strangers)?
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Oct 31
[loong] genetic detectivework about origin of eukaryotes

 Steve Sailer ‏@Steve_Sailer Oct 31
Feminists: Making children cry on Halloween since 1969

 David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog Oct 30
The most exciting thing about going into war in Syria is solving the mystery of what side we're on.

Oct 31
watch whether our syria policy
increases or decreases
gentile misery

 jonald ‏@biorhythmist Oct 28
Be careful what you amplify

 danah boyd ‏@zephoria Sep 30
Grants on punchcards! Here's a 1974 NEH grant to my advisor Andy van Dam for hypertext work. … 

 The Onion ‏@TheOnion Oct 26
Stone-Hearted Ice Witch Forgoes Exclamation Point  

Oct 26
how about a browser plugin that times how many seconds/clicks it takes to reach the content on any page, & anonymously collates the numbers?

Oct 26

Oct 26
tony blair admits blame for iraq war

Oct 26
germaine greer thinks we should be allowed to criticize 'caitlyn' jenner

Oct 25
those who restrain desire
do so because
theirs is weak enough to be restrained

 Stephen Walt ‏@stephenWalt Oct 24
Thoughtful & courageous piece.  We are lifelong Zionists. Here’s why we’ve chosen to boycott Israel. 

Oct 24
when we pointed radio antennas at the stars
we got an infinite babble of alien civilisations

 Cliff Pickover ‏@pickover Oct 23
Imagine transporting North America to Jupiter (size comparison). 

Oct 24
long survey of le carre's politics

Oct 23
dontmiss superslomo 30sec lightning

 Peter Maass ‏@maassp Oct 23
How IBM uses big data to help Army kill people (literally). Smart story by @tinyrevolution. … 

Oct 23
from 2010: 

Oct 22
$200 subscription chemistry set

 HERE ‏@here Oct 21
A 13,235-Mile US Road Trip for 70-Degree Weather Every Day  via @citycalfe @citylab 

 WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks Oct 21
ANNOUNCE: We have obtained the contents of CIA Chief John Brennan's email account and will be releasing it shortly.

Oct 21
apod, don't dangle ridiculous hints that life could have evolved elsewhere in the solar system

Oct 19
[1pg-gifs-looong] staggering tough 1950s culture exam

Oct 19
iSteve details his confusions about Turkey [shortish]

 Cliff Pickover ‏@pickover Oct 18
The Digits of Pi, through time. Source:   

 Max Roser ‏@MaxCRoser Oct 17
Clever circular Fourier series representation 

Oct 18
queen victoria's secret novel
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Jorn Barger commented on a post on Blogger.
Next, vibration modes...
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I've identified and linked full etexts for 9 of the 10 'epiclets' that Danis Rose misnames "Finn's Hotel":

I The Irish Chinchinjoss
ll Kindness to Fishes
Ill A Tale of a Tub
IV Issy and the Dragon
V The Big Kiss
VI The Staves of Memory
VII Skyward to Stardom
VIII The House of a Hundred Bottles
IX Here Comes Everybody
X Here's Lettering You

#4 has me stumped, though. It opens:

"For her pity there were times she even pitied the damned old devil himself playing demon patience after his lunch of hot air fanning himself with his asbestos slippers in the coolingroom in hell. For her charity one day when it was sneezing cold she met a beggargirl in the park and, having no small change about her, she went behind a bramblebush, slipped off her sprigged petticoat and gave it to the beggargirl who instantly disappeared (she having been in point of fact Saint Dympna who got up the exhibition of poverty on purpose) along with the petticoat..."

'pity... pitied' sounds to me like Rose has ignored a deletion.

'For her pity... For her charity' might be the start of an enumeration of virtues?

I vaguely recall a notebook note "asbestos"... there's plenty of exquisite joyceanisms here:

demon patience
lunch of hot air
asbestos slippers
sneezing cold
exhibition of poverty
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Experimentally linkblogging on Twitter today has gone well (though only 2 of 8 found a 'view summary' card). So I think I'll continue there more, and here less-to-none...
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