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Jaleta Clegg
I live at the far edge of normal, where the bell curve flattens
I live at the far edge of normal, where the bell curve flattens

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Thursday Recipe - Cheese Muffins
I found my recipe book from my junior high Home Ec class. It's got some great old classics in it. The trick to tender muffins is to stir them as little as possible after you pour the wet ingredients into the dry ones. If you do overstir, they'll still taste...

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Pickle Report
I tried out a lot of pickle recipes last summer. Most of them I posted here. Now that they've been sitting in my pantry for a few months to develop maximum flavor, and now that I've had a chance to taste them all, here are the results: Sweet and Sour Pickle...

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Thursday Recipe - Galoop Hotcakes
This is an old recipe I got from my dad years ago. I think they're called Galoop Hotcakes because you put a big galoop of the batter on the hot pan to make them. They're loaded with all sorts of good stuff like oatmeal and dried fruit. They definitely fill ...

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How the Internet Changed the Way I Cook
I thought about making that a click-bait headline, but I resisted. I have a large collection of cookbooks, several dozen at least, some from before 1950, most from the 1980s. But they mostly just collect dust these days. If I need a recipe for something, I ...

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Thursday Recipe - Chocolate Fudge
I have done it! I have conquered the elusive Fudge Beast! My attempts at fudge in the past were pathetic at best. Sure they tasted great. And they spread like frosting. The best fudge I made was what set up on top of cakes when I attempted chocolate fudge f...

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Sales Tactics, or How Not to Be a Used Car Salesman That Everyone Hates
This whole rant was triggered by an advice post on a blog for indie authors wherein (there's that academia writing again!) they advise you to get in the prospective customer's face and shove your book in their hands, because if they are holding your book, Y...

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Thursday Recipe - Beer Rocks or Bierocks
Bierocks or Beer Rocks, as they shall henceforth be known at my house, are hot sandwiches. Sort of. They're related to Piroshky and empanadas and calzones. They're the watchagot dishes of the sandwich world. Bierocks are German comfort food. Stretchy bread ...

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Thoughts on Trying New Things and Synergy
I asked my FB friends a question the other day - What food have you wanted to cook but haven't yet? I got a whole lot of answers. I was mostly looking for ideas for recipes to try. (If YOU have a recipe you want me to try and post on my Thursday Recipes, ju...

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Thursday Recipe - Fresh Rolls
Not to be confused with rolls fresh from the oven, these are cold appetizers served in Thai restaurants. They are similar to egg rolls, except instead of being fried, they are served uncooked. The filling is mostly shredded salad with a bit of cold cooked m...

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Book Review - The Dragonbone Chair
Tad Williams - Sorrow, Memory, and Thorn trilogy Book 1 - The Dragonbone Chair I'm reading through my old favorite books again. This is my third time through the trilogy and I'm loving it just as much. The Dragonbone Chair starts the story with young Simon,...
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