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lilli roxa
Beauty blogger of Belgium
Beauty blogger of Belgium

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Started a blog with my sweet friend! Please follow this, it's sooo important. It's a Belgian blog about beauty and style! It's not about big brands, just the 2 girls next doors talking about our way of life. Greets xoxo 

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Wittere tanden met oilpulling
  'Oil pulling" ofwel olie laten intrekken is een techniek om wittere tanden te krijgen.  Het bestaat blijkbaar al ja-ren maar staat nu meer en meer in de belangstelling. Ik ken het van Australische facebook-vrienden die geobsedeerd zijn door cocosolie. Dit...

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Kitten goes pastel
Made my first makeup-collage on I was feeling inspired by my visit in Primark: a lot of prints (cats), pastel and funny accents. They are ready for spring to happen, and I am too! It's sweet and kind of romantic but with a little twist. Kind of...

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Inspired 1001 Arabian nights
Well every great look has his inspiration. I thought of Arabian nights, a exotic sexy look with a lot off gold and glam. The pictures that I chose have a princess feeling, that is what I love in dressing up/makeup. Just feeling like real royalty. Some volum...

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Hi beautylovers. Monday I got my first real Primark experience, me and my friend went from Belgium to Holland to visit the fashion-paradise. (Actually it's just across the border) It was like Disneyland really... Bought me some shoes, a handbag, a blouse, t...

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Tips of today
Here are some tips that will change your view on applying makeup. 1. Fuller lips by a second.  2. The Catline (my favorite) 3. Tightline your eyes (it makes your eyelashes fuller)

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