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Hi all,
We are working on a global startup ecosystem map -  and would love to get some feedback about the site from you!
Until now , thousands of startups, coworking spaces and accelerators joined.
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Hi, I'm Bernardo Mandiola, Chilean, Business Engineer, Consultant in investment management, and resident in Paraguay.
Why invest in Paraguay ...
Paraguay is a country with many attractions and unique selling points that should be considered by international firms deciding to invest.
1. Natural Resources plentiful. Under asset value
2. Energy abundant, clean, renewable, and cheapest in the world Electric, US $ 40 mega watt hour, compared to US $ 160 in Brazil.
Paraguay is the largest per capita renewable energy producer in the world, with the possibility of going to rise.
3. People: the country's main asset is its people. It highlights the high level of efficiency of workers employed in plants.
Workers are very responsible, very clean and tidy, and young Paraguayans are eager to learn and be something in life, and that is the main potential of Paraguay
In addition, there is abundant availability of labor with extraordinary attitude, because 75 percent of the Paraguayan population is under 39 years and is the country with the highest youth population in the region.
4. Strategic Location: Located in the center of the Southern Cone, equidistant from both oceans, Atlantic and Pacific
distance from Alto Parana, Foz do Iguassu Falls to Iquique
against two very large and growing countries "(Brazil and Argentina) and within a larger trading bloc, Mercosur, which expands the market that you can sell from Paraguay under competitive conditions.
5. Low production costs: Costs in Paraguay Paraguay are more suitable in neighboring countries where both Brazil and Argentina, or Chile, is higher.
6. Legal certainty: Paraguay has always demonstrated a legal certainty for firms operating in the country, stands Ibarra to mention that this is a country where there has been no expropriations.
7. Tax Advantage: Fiscal policy with the lowest tax burden in the region. Paraguay has the tax burden a tax of 10% VAT, even, 10% to the company and 10% personal income, (about 13% average) and it has several incentives for investment establishment as the law of maquila.
8. Macroeconomic Stability. Optimo Business Environment
9. Fourth soybean exporter and eighth largest exporter of beef.
10. Low risk of natural disasters.
11. Center Paraguay-Parana waterway.
12. High levels of quality and low cost of living.

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The global Startup map
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Spent one month here and absolutely loved the place. Great coworking space!
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