Dear Science Society,

Our next talk will be given by Prof. Bob Nichol – awesome speaker from our COSMOLOGICAL DEBATE last year! – on the topic of "Dark Energy: A Lot of Fuss About Nothing".

The talk starts at 18:15 in Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College. Epic refreshments (including cheese, biscuits, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, smoothies, etc.) will be provided from 18:00 in the Blue Boar Common Room.

See you all there!

More details on our website:

*** Abstract ***

About a decade ago, astronomers and cosmologists were shocked to discover that the expansion of the Universe was accelerating, contrary to expectations that gravity would lead to a decelerating Universe. This discovery has lead to the introduction of "Dark Energy"; a proposed energy field potentially associated with the vacuum energy of space itself.

In this talk, I will begin by reviewing the observations of the Universe that have forced us to accept Dark Energy. I will then outline the next steps in understanding the strange phenomenon including testing our fundamental assumptions of General Relativity and exploring how dark energy may change to time. Time permitting, I will conclude with a look at the next decade of dark energy experiments.
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