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Drum'n'bass, dnb, drum and bass, break beat, jungle, atmospheric, music, mixtape,
Drum'n'bass, dnb, drum and bass, break beat, jungle, atmospheric, music, mixtape,

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Fanu & Docius on Bassoradio Sep 20 archive is now up (you can see were are well happy about it)!

(there may be some errors in the tracklist but hey whatever man!)

01. Polska – Fondle (Breakin)
02. Polska – Blakoh (Subtle Audio)
03. Peshay – On The Nile (Metalheadz)
04. cyba space - what way to turn (dom & roland remix)
05. DJ Teebee – Distant Origin (Thermal)
06. Fanu – Rendlesham (Subtitles)
07. Seba – Say You Love Me (Secret Operations)
08. cyba space - what way to turn [dom & roland remix]
09. alabama 3 - ain't going to goa [dillinja mix]
10. DJ Teebee – Human Reptile [Calyx & Teebee remix] (Subtitles)
11. Remarc – Da Drumz (Planet Mu)
12. roots - epidemic
13. shimon & andy c - mutation remix
14. paranoid user - pitch black
15. Le Tigre – Deceptacon
16. Lemon D – Manhattan Melody (Hardleaders)
17. Tim Reaper – Ethereality
18. Psycho Mantis – Sing To Me (Subtle Audio)
19. T.Power vs. MK-Ultra – Mutant Jazz [Getafix bootleg remix]
20. karlk k - synapse (konflict remix)
21. Paranoid User – Safe Guard
22. Hidden Element – Reload, Replay (Opposite Rec. dub)
23. Need For Mirrors – Grapefruit (Dispatch)
24. Overlook – Digital (31 Records)
25. Fistfunk – untitled dub
26. Rhyming in Fives – With You (Narratives)
27. basement jaxx - lucky star (dillinja remix)
28. kraken - dominion
29. boom boom satellites - auto re-birth 2 (optical remix)
30. dj red - killahertz
31. Scorpio – Trouble (V)
32. spy - z-plane
33. Mr Oizo – Analog Worms Attack
34. red one -  strangled duck [origin unknown remix]
35. DJ Teebee, Polar, Calyx – Pensile Dreamer (Subtitles)
36. magnetic media - robotics

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I have added some tracks to my soundcloud since the last update here.. Go check out and njoy!

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I'm taking part at the Kmag Blu Mar Ten remix contest. Check our my contribution and please spread the word if you like it!

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Check out my new minimal dnb tune and please share your thoughts!

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Now the Google+ page for is officially opened. Feel free to join the movement!
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