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PEMANCINGAN WISMA KELEKAK BUNDA Melayani dengan fasilitas SPA,bliyard,penginapan,restoran,meeting room,sewa gedung pernikahan dan acara..hubungi ibu klara di no 081367598555

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pemancingan wisma kelekak bunda
jalan harapan1 air kenanga..samping RS ARSANI
18 Oktober 2012 (6 photos)
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wisma kelekak bunda bangka indonesia

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Hangout on Air Wrap-up:

Blogger Search Features 101

For those of you who couldn't tune in for the Hangout on Air today, here's a highlight of the topics +Marie Mosley covered:

- Search preferences allow you to customize how your blog and blog posts are described in search results and on social networks.

- They're easy to set up! Just go to Settings > Search Preferences > Meta Tags and enable the Description. Type in a description of your blog and press save.

- Once you've done that, the Search Description option will appear in your blog's Post Settings. Enter a search description for your posts to give your readers a preview of what your post is about before they click.

- Also new in search preferences: the Errors and Redirections options. With these, you can customize your Page Not Found page and create custom redirects for dead links.

If you want to learn more, watch the recording of our Hangout below. Or you can find all of this information on Marie's blog:
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