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Lynn Grubb
I just love to write!
I just love to write!

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VIdeo Blog Answering a Question Often Posed to Me
Hi friends!  Thought I would do a video post today.  If you have any questions for me, please post comments and I will reply to them. Thanks for watching! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow...

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Announcing Indiana Adoptee Network Spring Adoption Conference
Rhonda Churchill Patty Hawn Brian Stanton performs "BLANK" For more information about the conference and to sign up, go  here

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"This is Us" Honors the Complexity of Adoption
It’s a rare
moment when I can turn on a T.V. show that has adoption as part of its
storyline and not cringe, roll my eyes and talk back to the T.V. about how they
just don’t get it.   Sometimes it’s just
downright painful to watch the same old stereotypes a...

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She Didn't Remember My Birthday
The day I came home to my family (2-25-66) Today is my birthday. Traditionally, growing up I loved my birthday.  My mom always made me my favorite meal (lasagna) and chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It was nothing extravagant like kid birthday parties ...

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My (fill in the blank) is Adopted But Is Not Interested in Searching
If I had a quarter for everytime somebody said the statement, "My ____ is not interested in searching" I could go on a nice vacation.  Somebody said it to me me this week.  I cannot remember who but I remember it being said and it causes my mind to swirl ...

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How Can Become Your New Best Friend
The yellow is my 11% Irish :) You've seen the commercials . . . . . .she didn't know she was Native American . . . .he didn't realize he was Italian . . . . . .but what the commercials don't tell you is that by simply paying $99.00 and shipping your spit of...

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Heading to National Conference of State Legislatures - Chicago 2016
NCSL-Minneapolis, MN - 2014 The Adoptee Rights Coalition is gearing up for another exciting opportunity to speak with state legislatures and their staff members about sponsoring bills in closed record states for equal rights for adoptee access to original b...

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How Can You Support an Adoptee?
I arrived at the idea for this post thinking about all the amazing people I have met, seen and heard through the Facebook room called DNA Detectives.  The group is managed by genetic genealogists who spend hours a day helping total strangers seek out and fi...

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Tending to my Own Garden by Seeking My Roots
A fter spending a decade privately compiling information about my relinquishment, adoption and birth family, I created a
search team to help me look at my search with new eyes. 
This team has uncovered stacks of information from various sources. However,
I ...

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Adoptee Triggers and a Sense of Belonging at the World A'Fair
World A'Fair 2016 - Dayton Convention Center I had an amazing experience this past weekend when I took DD to our local World A'Fair. Many communities put these on, or you may be familiar with the Epcot Center at Disney World, which is the same idea.  You wi...
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