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Office of the Dean-American Institute of Human Rights

TIRED OF ALL THE KILLINGS, POVERTY, LACK OF IDENTITY ISSUES, BAD GOVERNANCE and want to do something better than Protest or complain?

Our situation is not hopeless, only our methods

This is an exciting course for those of you who are interested in participating in a higher level of activism or searching for a new and fulfilling career opportunity as a:


Dr. Mustafa Ansari , International lawyer and Dean of the American Institute of Human Rights will host a FREE one hour live presentation tomorrow at 1:00 P.M EST.

The hour long presentation will reveal how to approach the issues of the day in an intelligent, world wide accepted view that will give you PRESS/MONITOR access to the Courts, Police Records, Congress and ever the White House. Dr. Ansari will explain the role of a Human Rights Monitor in the investigation[s] and reporting of police killings, Courts, discrimination, and how to bring them to the attention of the State, Federal, and International bodies for RESOLUTION.

We CERTIFY you and REGISTER you with the United Nations.
Bring your questions, pads, and pencils. This is one Seminar you will not forget.

If you have already attended the Saturday orientation session Registration for the full course can be made directly on the website at

To join tomorrow's seminar please click the JOIN This button below
Sharing is Good
This is a College level Course
We are a Post-Secondary Career College 
Tuition is affordable and Scholaraships are available for the first 100 registrants

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It is unlawful under the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 for the U.S to give military assistance to Israel because it is engaged in a pattern of gross human rights violations.

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