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Woo hoo!  G+ Android app just updated.  Communities now accessible.
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is this for iPhone too or just Android right now?
I honestly don't know.  I bought two iPhone 4's for my office and was surprised how different the apps were between platforms.  I do not know if they have received any update yet, but the Android update is real nice.  You can get right to the voting pool in this community.
+Thomas Hawk- I see on my iphone that a new version with communities is available, but I didn't had the time to install it so far (I'm out of batteries)
+Jason Reed - So do you have an iOS device or an Android device, or both? I can't tell for sure by how you worded that. If both, I'm just curious which you prefer at this point. I'm looking, myself...
I personally use an android based device.  I own a couple IOS through my company but don't use them personally, my employees do.
just tested the ios version, communities work very well. But I'm missing the look and feel of the previous version. Don't you ?
+Laurent Chades On android look & feel pretty much the same.  If iOS is now more like the android look & feel I think you will end up loving it.
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