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Time Space Reality
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Yes everything has its time on earth.
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This is my birthright into this life.
44 Powerful Affirmations for Money
44 Powerful Affirmations for Money
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What is your vibrational thoughts.
Cuando te enfocas sobre la carencia en una actitud de queja, se establece un Punto VIBRATORIO de Atracción que luego te da acceso sólo a más pensamientos de queja.
Tu esfuerzo deliberado para contar una nueva HISTORIA establecerá un nuevo modelo de pensamiento, que te proporciona un nuevo Punto de Atracción desde tu presente, acerca de tu pasado y hacia tu futuro.
El simple esfuerzo de buscar Aspectos Positivos establecerá un nuevo tono VIBRATORIO que comenzará la Atracción inmediata de pensamientos, personas, circunstancias y las cosas que son agradables para ti.

--- Abraham.
Extraído del libro "Dinero y la Ley de Atracción: Aprender a Atraer salud, riqueza y felicidad"

Abraham Hicks Frases Diarias.

When you focus upon lack in an attitude of complaining, you establish a VIBRATIONAL Point of Attraction that then gives you access only to more thoughts of complaint.
Your deliberate effort to tell a new STORY will establish a new pattern of thought, providing you with a new Point of Attraction from your present, about your past, and into your future.
The simple effort of looking for Positive Aspects will set a new VIBRATIONAL tone that will begin the immediate Attraction of thoughts, people, circumstances, and things that are pleasing to you.

--- Abraham
Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth & Happiness"

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Time Space Reality

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The way we eat a nutrition makes the stimulation of the brain more efficient in any way.
Better drinking nutritional causes the maximum function of the brain.
Drinking is the best exercise of causing this feelings better.
Eating Triggers Endorphin Release in the Brain
The recent results obtained by researchers from Turku PET Centre have revealed that eating leads to widespread opioid release in the brain, likely signaling feelings of satiety and pleasure.

Eating a delicious pizza led to significant increase of pleasant feelings, whereas consumption of calorie-matched nutritional drink did not. However, both types of meals induced significant release of endogenous opioids in the brain.

Opioids are associated with pleasure and euphoria. The study revealed that a significant amount of endorphins is released in the entire brain after eating the pizza and, surprisingly, even more are released after the consumption of the tasteless nutritional drink. The magnitude of the opioid release was independent of the pleasure associated with eating. According to the researchers, it is likely that the endogenous opioid system regulates both feelings of pleasure and satiety.

– The opioid system regulates eating and appetite, and we have previously found that its dysfunctions are a hallmark of morbid obesity. The present results suggest that overeating may continuously overstimulate the opioid system, thus directly contributing to development of obesity. These findings open new opportunities for treating overeating and the development of obesity, says Professor Lauri Nummenmaa from Turku PET Centre.

– It was a surprise that endorphins are released in the entire brain and that the nutritional drink had a larger impact. This creates a basis for future research and hopefully we will find ways to study and describe the development and predictors of addiction, obesity and eating disorders, says Researcher, M.D., PhD. Jetro Tuulari.

The study was conducted using positron emission tomography (PET). The participants were injected with a radioactive compound binding to their brain’s opioid receptors. Radioactivity in the brain was measured three times with the PET camera: after a palatable meal (pizza), after a non-palatable meal (liquid meal) and after an overnight fast.


Journal article:

Image: Feeding both bland (left panel) and delicious (right panel) meals triggered significant opioid release in the brain.

Photos: StockSnap, Turku PET Centre

#opioids #eating #endorphins #appetite #obesity #neuroscience

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Good feelings brings happiness in life.
Puedo Visualizar Mi Cuerpo cómo Deseo que Sea.

Nosotros alentamos una VISUALIZACIÓN del sí mismo cómo estás deseando que sea, viéndose a sí mismo en esa forma, así la Atraes.
Las ideas y eventos que traerás acerca de ti vendrán a tu experiencia una vez comiences a verte a ti mismo de esa forma.
Cuando te SIENTES gordo, no puedes Atraer "esbeltez."
Cuando te SIENTES pobre, no puedes Atraer prosperidad.
Eso que tu eres - el estado de ser que SIENTES - es la base desde la cual atraes.
✌Por eso es que "entre mejor te SIENTES, mejor se pone; y entre peor te SIENTES, peor se pone."✌

(C) Abraham-Hicks Publications
Health & The Law of Attraction Cards (2010) (55)

When you know what to feel and how to feel it then you place a momentum which keeps you into the vibration of things wanting.
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