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The Crypto Crew
News & Research of the Paranormal and Cryptozoology. Study Of everything from Bigfoot to UFOs.
News & Research of the Paranormal and Cryptozoology. Study Of everything from Bigfoot to UFOs.

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Ninja of the Woods - Military and Cryptids
Over the years there has been much speculation about the military and cryptids, particularly bigfoot. In the episode of NOTW, Big Jim talks about this and tells about an specific event. The story he tells is a good one and is one I don't think I have heard ...

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The Eugene Johnson Show - Bigfoot Friend or Foe?
After a long hiatus, The Eugene Johnson Show is Back! Eugene has been really busy with his budding acting career and band but a little down time is all he need to get us another episode. In this episode, Eugene, talk about some dangers of bigfoot, gives us ...

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The Legend Of J.C.Brown
The Legend Of J.C.Brown I was on my computer the other day when I came across a video about Mt. Shasta in California. It caught my curiosity, so I watched the video . The video was about a man named J.C. Brown. In 1904, Brown claimed, while working for the ...

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My Crypto World - The Esau Bigfoot Theory
When it comes to the origins of bigfoot, there are many theories and opinions. There are a few theories that people tie to the bible. In this episode, I talk about and give my opinion on one of the more popular theories that ties bigfoot to the biblical man...

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More Bigfoot Tracks From Oregon
There is a game trail about 50 yards from our house. In this area is where some morel mushrooms grow. It is in this area where we found 3 large foot tracks. The tracks were somewhat washed out due to the hail and rain. We think, judging from the size, that ...

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Ninja of the Woods - PTSD After Cryptid Sightings
PTSD, Posttraumatic stress disorder, is also known as shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome and it can be very serious. Most only associate PTSD with people who have served in a military war but PTSD can happen after any traumatic or terrifying event, even...

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Interview With Bigfoot Researcher Sam Deloach
If I'm not mistaken, and I could be, this is our 27th interview with someone from either the bigfoot world or paranormal world in this series. It has been a fun trip and the answers seem to always be interesting. In this installment we interview Sam Deloach...

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Juvenile Bigfoot Caught on Camera?
I ran across a video that reportedly has a juvenile bigfoot in it and I wanted to share it with everyone. The video comes from Blayne Tyler, a Sasquatch researcher from Canada. In the video there is a bonus clip at the end that, according to Blayne, has ano...

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Expedition: Bigfoot - Are We Ready For The Truth?
Expedition: Bigfoot - Are We Ready For The Truth? This will probably be a short review and once you read this, you will understand why it is short. I also want to alert everyone that this film is current on Amazon Prime if you would like to watch it. The fi...

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Ninja of the Woods - Bigfoot in the Biblical Sense
Welcome to another episode of Ninja of the Woods. In this episode Jim gets biblical on us and shares some of his opinions about bigfoot in the bible. As many of you know there are several theories that attempt to tie bigfoot back to the early bible days. Wh...
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