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Leticia Alaniz
Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer
Filmmaker, Photographer, Writer

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Sandra Lara - The World I Live In
Sandra Lara Artist Photo by Leticia Alaniz © 2017 Sandra Lara is an artist surrounded by mystery, enigma and spirituality from which she draws across her canvases a susceptible aura of emotions that contain many different variants.  One of the variants expr...

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Bee's Knees - The Frank Meier Gin & Lavender Cocktail
Bee's Knees - Gin & Lavender Cocktail original by Frank Meier Photo Leticia Alaniz © 2017 With all this lemon and lavender you’d think it’s high tea time hour.  But for this drink that dates back to the hard times of the prohibition era, you’ll need a coupe...

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Jonathan Ramirez - Portraits, Magic & Surrealism
Jonathan Ramirez Photo by Leticia Alaniz © 2017 You paint portraits, you make sculptures, you create drawings, and you compose original rock n' roll full of imagery and messages, yet you don't consider yourself an artist? "I don't consider myself an artist ...

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Iñaki Oñate: A Modern Auteur Filmmaker
Photo © Natalia Sabatino Iñaki Oñate is an auteur filmmaker and visual artist.  I first heard his name thru his father Iván Oñate whom is a well known respected poet and narrator in Latin America.  In a chance meeting at a book festival in Houston, Texas, t...

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Dawn in Dolores de Hidalgo
Madrugada en Dolores de Hidalgo ©  2001 Leticia Alaniz Cano Oil on Canvas Dolores de Hidalgo, or simply known as Dolores is an important city in Mexico with an important history.  Its in the north-central part of Guanajuato.  It is here where the cry for in...

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Gin, Grapefruit & Pomegranate Cocktail
Gin, Grapefruit & Pomegranate Cocktail Photo Leticia Alaniz © 2016 A grapefruit cocktail doesn’t need many ingredients to showcase the citrus flavor and intoxicating aroma.  But a perfect marriage is Ruby red grapefruit juice and seasonal pomegranate seeds ...

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Celebrate the night with Noche Underground Dinner Club. I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day. ~Vincent Van Gogh


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The Siege of Numantia - A City Turns To Dust
The Siege of Numancia directed by Cora Cardona. Cast: Ignacio Lujan, Sixto Orellana, Martin Mejia, Enrique Arellano, Sorany Gutiérrez, Nichole Sánchez, Omar Padilla, Leticia Alaniz, Carlos Ayala, Ninoshka Martinez, Marbella Barreto A city has turned to dust...

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Sonia Mendez García - A Chef With Mexican Roots
Chef Sonia Mendez García Photo by Richard Brennan Chef Sonia Mendez García is the creator of one of the most popular Mexican food blogs, La Piña en la Cocina.  It combines easy to follow recipes and a narrative that will pull you in even if you don’t cook. ...

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Chiles en Nogada - Mexico's Patriotic Dish
In late July and into September, markets in Mexico start having a peculiar resonating sound that resembles light wood or sticks being hit against each other.  Melodious calls and chatter invite passersby with, ¡Nueces, nueces de castilla!   In other words, ...
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