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(Per the request of +Benjamin Johnson)

I've spoke before about how games have consistently lacklaster storytelling which (more often than not) seems to distract rather than delight.

I've devised a theory as to why this is so common. . .

It is in the very nature of games to recycle a basic concept in new and interesting ways over the duration of the player experience.

However a compelling cinematic story rarely involves a protagonist performing the same action over the span of a movie. (Walt doesn't cook meth all the time in Breaking Bad, Harry Potter isn't always fighting death eaters,

So it seems to me that the problem is so common because developers are hung up on using storytelling methods which aren't suited to the medium which they're using.

Anyone care to provide any insight on this?

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I'll save you the trouble of clicking the link. . .

This is a story about a top secret, cold-war era, intelligence program. US Agencies lauched massive sattelites into space that contained advanced cameras and miles of film for spying on Soviet Russia and China.

The kicker though, is that this was all done pre-3G era smart phones. So they retrieved the footage by shooting it back down to the pacific ocean ( Literally shooting it ) where planes picked it up using grappling hooks.

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Interesting (Shut up it's interesting to me.) story on a break through for the future of Fuel Cell technology and it's impact in mobile devices.

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Alright, +zak carroll to enjoy a good hour or so of laughter. . . do the following.

1. Go to this link
2. Hit "Play all"
3. Sit patiently.
4. ????
5. Profit

This is a serious of podcasts that the PC from the old Mac commercials (Otherwise known as John Hodgman)

Specifically listen to June 16th.

(This is Jackson from the future, back in time.)

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Jaws Re-imagined
A heartwarming Disney film about a curious shark with a curious talent.

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Designers, art hipsters and generally cool people! Gather round and hear my gospel!

The attached link contains a good helping of interesting. and simultaneously . . .Niftiness.

Pretty much they're wallets made out of a super strong paper, that comes with a design already on it or blank for you to fill with your own designs.

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Just fantastic.

Today is officially the first day of fall. Which, to my immune system, means "Give up"
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