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Sunday: August 3
Weekly Update Guess who's back? That's right! It's Hiro! And boy does he have an update for you!

Two, actually. And they're both about...clothes? Well, okay. Here we go.

First off, big announcement. Do you enjoy art? Do you like stuff? Do you enjoy wearin...

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Sunday: July 20
Weekly Update! This week, we continue our Dev Spotlight series focusing on everyone's favorite dubious physician, Doctor  Tyche. Check out the interview here: And as always, join us in our discussion ...

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Sunday: July 13
Ladies and gentlemen and non-binary gendered lifeforms from across the galaxy, welcome to your (late-ish) Sunday recap Weekly Update As the world recovers from the Soccerball Championships, many of us remain hard at work (or hard at not-working). This week,...

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Sunday: July 6
What a crazy few weeks it's been for all of us here at MWM and the City of Titans team! Vacations, rock music, rain, mud, and lots and lots of hard work! What have we been doing since last we updated you? Updates Check out a short version of our new Glossar...

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Sunday: June 22
Weekly Update This week was a Dev spotlight in an all new exciting format: read and learn about our favorite artist (don't tell the others!) Tiger!  Read In the Spotlight: Doctor Tyche here: Did you like the n...

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Sunday: June 8
Current News A very big, very important and looked forward to update landed Wednesday! Our June State of the Game update by our resident bossman Warcabbit! Read all about it here: Once you've had a look o...

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Sunday: June 1st
Current News We were happy to bring a very big, exciting update to our loyal followers this week! Check out "Mastering Your Character - A Primer on Masteries" for a peek at what lies in store to help you define your character!

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There's no sense wasting time.
While we were waiting for the licenses, there's no reason we couldn't do a little work. Buying a piece of software is easy. Buying enough for an art department requires a contract, and support, and maintenance fees... and the world shuts down during the hol...

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Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things
From: Our Technical Director... Our original schedule for post-Kickstarter updates
was thrown to the wind, quite literally, when Typhoon Haiyan hit the
Philippines. Our first update was, of course, on the Atlas Hurricane. We
have since put that on hold, ...
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