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This could be pretty fun! I may join in if I can find the time (have to squeeze it in with my job).

Last 'game jam' (wasn't actually organised or planned) I worked on went really well! We managed to make a game in 12 days for a deadline -- long story -- that we based off a weird mix of Geometry Wars and Typing of the Dead. Designed for a controller but also plays nicely on tablets too! Looks like this:

I'm going to put up a blog post about it soon and possibly just release the PC version on there for free. Works very nicely with Adobe AIR's gamepad support as of version 3.8.

If I do join in, I'll likely be using AS3 / Flex in FlashDevelop with a Stage3D modified version of the Flashpunk library.

Edit: Also, neon purple.

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Thanks, Google, for making me actively search out what other devious shit you've been up to as of late.

I don't particularly like windows phone but this latest undermining of web standards is really making me reconsider Google's services...

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I would LOVE something like this as an in-car android media player inspired by the browser labs 'Quick Controls'. Very similar to Car Tunes but a native UI and space for extra buttons, maybe the ability to call people or navigate as the two extra voice command buttons.

May make this my pet project.

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Does anyone else feel that Steam Greenlight is ... well, kind of a big pile of bollocks? The more I think about it, the more I feel like it's the antithesis of indie games. This whole idea of paying $100 to stage a beauty / popularity pageant for upcoming games is very... Well, close minded.

I understand that it's a distribution platform built on top of what is, essentially, an open platform but something about it still disagrees with me. I feel like we're alienating those for whom $100 is a huge pile of money and anyone willing to take a risk on a new kind of game.

I dunno, I guess we'll see where it goes. Steam was a worthless pile of fail when it launched, too.

Just tried subsonic's open source media streaming! It's useless, keep away.

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Uhm. So we're locking up squatters now? Okay, according to the Prison Reform Trust, each new place in prison costs £170,000 to build. Per prisoner. With an additional cost of £45,000 per YEAR per prisoner. (src

This begs the question: Why are we imprisoning those who cannot afford a house when it would actually be cheaper to both build and give away a house for that person? Obviously, that's a system which would be open to abuse but even so - why aren't we looking at the cause of the problem and investing in housing instead of just throwing people in jail as a quick-fix?
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