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Recent diabetes articles of interest. #diabjc

Time spent watching television predicts cardiovascular mortality. Vegetarian diet better than conventional diabetes diet. Viewing foot ulcers in 3D telemedicine. And ... is there a dose response curve to telephone interviews?
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Are there any type 2 Diabetics who have weaned off drugs and insulin while eating a vegan diet? I would LOVE to talk to them.

I know several (including myself) who have done so while eating a 'low carb' paleo meal plan.
I think the whole philosophy of the paleolithic diet is very interesting. Would make for a great debate about the genetics of type 2 diabetes! I feel the different 'diets' vary because with them come different cooking techniques and ingredients. Efficacy comes from the quantity and the glucose excursions they incur. Modern diets have 'calorie' pollution. However, we live longer than our paleolithic ancestors - long enough to get Type 2 Diabetes.

There are a number of people who have reversed the metabolic features of Type 2 Diabetes through sheer determination to lose fat, gain muscle (and insulin sensitivity) and exercise. Bariatric surgery is very effective at weaning off drugs as well.

Before the discovery of insulin extremely low carbohydrate diets (The Frederick Allen diet was used with some short term success (in keeping people alive) with Type 1 Diabetes.
+Dean Jenkins I don't need proof that paleo diet works for diabetics... (and many other inflammatory diseases).

I'll ask again, do you know any Type 2 who has weaned off drugs and insulin eating a vegan meal plan?

I really would like to know. I LOVE to experiment with different nutrient ratios ... I am thinking of doing a vegan 'experiment' ... but I want to talk to at least one person who has done it. I have asked many times over many different social platforms... and have found no one. ... I seriously have my doubts.

Many vegans are 'controlling' blood sugars etc... but are still taking drug +/or insulin.
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