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We have just posted some new events on the Events Calendar and New Story Leads on our blogspot, much of it is Arts and Entertainment but the Animal Space is also online already. More coming as we prepare the March issue. Please visit our web site and blog

Woman Made Art - Woman Made is the Workhouse Arts Center exhibition featuring a diverse selection of female artists from Northern Virginia curated by Amy Lust. It runs through March 25 with an opening reception, Saturday March 3. Themes include woman’s issues.

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There’s a new wave of e-mail scams which pretend to be National or Federal agencies alleging some legal problem which the user is threatened must respond to by providing personal information and passwords. Do not reply-to or click on any embedded links. They lead to malware sites which take over your computer and steal your banking information. If you have clicked on one of these messages, check all of your accounts. See our Front Page online…

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We just posted some new stories. See the newest leads on our blogspot about the Annual Monopoly Tournament, MVCCT production of Sherlock's "Speckled Band", the Mount Vernon Genealogical Society program and the Artists Showcase at the Workhouse with links to the full stories in our Entertainment section.
Visit the news leads blog…

Those storm drains that we reported are repaired. It took a week to do the job but two years for VDOT to get to the job. Let me know if you find any hazards for VDOT. We'll publish those and put them on notice now that we have the effective connection to get things done.

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The "Shrew" review is in the February issue on the streets now. We have stands that we check every day at Bloom and Shoppers in Lorton. It contains a calendar of events through the first weekend in March. Already, new events have come in which will be posted at

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We reviewed Castaways "Taming of the Shrew with a Twist" last night for the February issue. I haven't seen Shakespeare so funny ever. You can still catch it the first weekend in February. Visit

We negotiated today for advertising sales assistance. We hope to expand the color Byways magazine section. Ken Holt will telecommute as Star Anchor keeping our news leads page on Tell your Lorton neighbors to create a Google+ profile and join us.

Welcome Stephanie Lamartin of Lorton Station Elementary School to our Press Relations Circle. Please create a Google+ profile and join us.

Bye the way, I heard and saw the Morning Doves today. I don't expect to see them 'til leaves are on the trees. Beats snowmageddon.

Going to Mason Neck Lions Meeting now. Will check back here later tonight.

We have a new advertising scheme for small home businesses and others without a public store front. It's plain pre-paid box ads. One rate, not fancy and no vetting or contract, no billing or tracking, just inexpensive. See our print issue.
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