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#‎PitchtoPublication submissions are open! 6/29 - 7/3 

So excited to get my 1st ‪entry before I even started work today. Don't forget to send yours by this Friday 7/3!

More info here: 

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Kate's friend: Your mom's just reading on her iPad. How is that working?

Kate: I know, right? It's called a critique, and it's AWESOME!!

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I've finally typed a word wrong so many times that autocorrect thinks I'm doing it on purpose and just gave up.
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So much SQUEE: new Sherlock & Doctor Who trailers & confirmation the Doctor is in Lego Dimensions! #Whovian #Sherlocked #AFOL #ComicCon2015

To avoid overusing character names, use rarely in dialogue; in narrative, only 2-3 times per page unless needed for clarity. #EditingTip

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I finished my editing project for the week and will spend the day working on #PitchtoPublication entries. Head over to twitter to follow. 

All caught up on emails and sample edits. I read some outstanding first chapters. It never ceases to amaze me how many talented unpublished authors there are out there, and I am so lucky to get to be the one to tell them, "You're really on to something here - keep it up!!"

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The Pitch to Publication event starts Monday. Here's how you can enter. Please share!
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