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Was just watching Thor's an cool image from the internet.
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staying up late, editing a few things. Finally all done,  from scratch, so that someone else can copy it, reword my original ideas differently, claim credit and work that they had no ability to accomplish on their own; while never even mentioning my name at all.
Had to drop a lot of Q&A segment, along with special bonus deleted stuff.
Let's just file that unique stuff under special deleted scenes, just so everyone in Hollywood knows, who the original film editor is..the one with the rights to final cut obviously..the deleted scenes, special footage, should suffice to deter would be imitators, as the material is redudant.
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Chief Warrant Officer Robert Girouard
An skier/snow boarder in an grey touqe smoking a joint in a ski resort with snow outside of the lodge.
An radio station host or DJ, an long overdue thanks for the dedication he was given over that small local radio station, he had been waiting an long time to thank for that. "Stefer?" is the name..
Says you got a nice girlfriend. an brown haired girl making out with the same guy smoking something on a ski lift.
He would also like to thank the american navy.
Also an thanks to the sniper holding an sniper rifle with grey coloured fiber stock (an Steyr Scout rifle or Schmidt Scout rifle?)
"That sniper is got some pair of balls on him"
Watch as we see him gun and run between various barriers and structures all without an spoter as enemy fire ricket off metal surfaces and hit the sand dunes.
Other squad members shooting at the enemy also, an man beside an car door in army uniform shooting an single barrel shotgun.
One can almost say it's a miracle that he didn't get shot as an brave soldier literally holds an smoke/signal flare in his hand providing an smoke screen at the same time shouting profanities at enemy combatants.
Usually the smoke/signal flares are just tossed but the smoke would roll low and take longer to provide the smoke screen.
This guy holds it making the smoke spread more.."That guy got some balls to do something crazy like that" Girouard says.
The rest of the unit watches as the "crazy sob" they would say is waving the flare around to draw away enemy attention and fire
at the same time exposing himself as he runs in a zig zag formation with the flare providing an larger field of smoke screen.

Meanwhile as the enemy combatants are firing down at the location, an black soldier with an possible leg wound is pointing an precision
laser targeting system to pin point the exact location and coordinates for the apache helicopter as it rains down missiles from above.
The soldier has a high tresh hold for pain, as he steadies his breathing to aim properly knowning that one misthap or wrong direction would be fatal.
An machine gunner fires off bursts of rounds at the enemy combatants but took an hit in the right upper torso area and is thrown off the gunner of the jeep.

The wounded black soldier ties a quick scarf around his leg wound and leans up against an wall with rifle holster to watch for enemy activity.
"Yeah, those are really tough son-of-a-bitches, I have to thank those guys for having my back. They are pretty crazy too."
Making a little joke about the crazy signal flare holding guy just running out into the open like that arms waving asking to be shot at. (crazy in a most flattering way of course)
Girouard plays an acoustic guitar in an country road, as he wonders about the condition of his father.
An senior with failing health with breathing tubes going up his nose.
In his healthier days, with the assistance of a walking cane, this elderly person layed pink roses at his grave site.
We see the same men that were there at the battle knock a bunch of labatt beer cans together and drink one in memory to Girouard.
"Thanks guys"
Also he agrees with the black soldier and jokes "yeah the flowers are played out, it's not that important, but I do like the beers though"
As makes joking boxing gestures putting his guard up in friendly way like they were play fighting.
"boom box" or some sort of nick name like that because he was the only guy with an stereo boom box to make that ride along less boring and more entertaining?
An moment of honour as the bond between brothers in battle as the men all give an formal military salute to their fallen Canadian brother.

An grave site an woman with short brown hair is cleaning the tombstone and washing the grime and moss from it.
She would leave small little candles at his grave site. Makes him feel special being the only one with an lite candle lite in that whole cemetery, an light that you can see from afar.
For all this he thanks you, your efforts have not gone unnoticed.
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Ben noneofyourbeeswax

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moon festival coming up. what u call this in english? it's called 猪笼饼 in chinese.
it's an classic like moon cakes..
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Ben noneofyourbeeswax

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Ben noneofyourbeeswax

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This happens a lot, imagine how you feel if you are the ghost. LOL
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Ben noneofyourbeeswax

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Cpl. Kevin Megeney
An grave site an female figure dressed in black lays down white flowers on the site and before that the flowers were pink.
She opens up an small book and reads a few verses from it at the site. An elderly man in a light brown tweet jacket lays down yellow flowers as well. An female gloved hand lays down an yellow tulip.

An off coloured dog with grey black and white spots, blue eyes and an orange patch around it's face.
An elderly woman in an pink gown looks at the dresser drawer where an portrait of the corproal is along with an picture of jesus and an figurine of the virgin mary.

The corporal in his formal military uniform with white gloves and black berret gives a salute.

"She has prayed an good many times, can you let her know that I am alright and I hear her prayers but just can't talk back to her or let her know that I hear them."

The grandmother on her knees prays for her grandson's well being and prays to jesus to look after him in the after life.
An rocking chair on the side of the bed as the elderly lady would rock back and forth knitting, glancing every now and then at the portrait of her grandson.
An flower vase with red roses beside the portrait.

"That's my grandma, she would take me to the park playground when I was younger and make me jelly sandwiches (red jelly strawberry or raspberry jam?)."
"Is it alright if I answer some of her questions, she has asked about grandpa on a few occasions, is that alright?"
-me "yeah sure ok"
(Corporal's grandfather)
An young man in a yellow polo shirt with a white strip across the middle and brown khaki pants pulled up high.
"Hello sweet heart, it's been a while." The man in a more recognizable form wearing an brown fedora with chocolates in a heart
shaped box and roses in the other.
imagery of dutch windmills in the background as he places a white magnolia flower in her hair, "you look lovely as always" as he looks at the grandmother like only a husband can.
He sips an drink from a martini glass filled with an green liquid with an olive.
Memories of the two couple in mexico and tennis or badminton with old wooden rackets and traditional tennis gear with the long pants.
The grandfather smiles knowningly recalling how goregous she looked when she would dance holding the helm of her large fluffy dress
and swaying to the music while clutching the helm of the dress.
In the background the grandfather is playing lawn bowling with a few of his buddies and Mr. rogers from Mr. roger's neighbourhood is there in the background.

Memories of the two elderly couple in their hay days as they would dance to the music of the fiddle and do a dosey do with the loop of the arms, when things were simplier back then.
The grandfather takes off his hat in a show of gratitude and respect for not having been able to talk to her for such a long time.
An golden rose flower brooch pin that he got her a long time ago as a gift, she still has kept it.
-me "is there anything you would like to say to her corporal's grandfather?"

"Yes, there is, now I know you missed me but that's not a reason for you not to take your medication. You know me and Kevin want to see you well. Now you know we've talked about this before."
He shows us an image of the two of them sitting on a park bench during a sunset as the two of them discuss what would happen if one of them were to shuffle off the mortal coil, the preparations for the inevitable that comes with age.
"Now what you are doing is just silly, you have grandkids that care about you and darn it is just goofy. We don't want to see you
suffer the pain. The doctor gave you the pills, and yes I know they make you sleepy but you have to take them. There's no hurry to die, everyone wants to see you well especially the grandkids."
-she responds by saying "when you died a part of me died as well"
-kevin's grandpa "Nonsense woman, you already got the plot right next to me, so what's your hurry, we talked about this a long time ago. I know it can get lonely and it feels like you're trapped indoors all the time but look around, you have people that care about you and a family that loves you. Now listen here woman I want you to stop this non sense and start taking your medication. If you die, who's going to tell the grandkids about how great an tennis player I was? Who's going to be there to see our grandkid grow up? You remember Matilda?"
 "so start taking your medication now sweetheart and when it comes time to kick the can, the lord knows and we'll be waiting for you on the other side."
-corporal's grandfather, "well, that'll be all for now, thank you."

-me "ok corporal you're up, what would you like to say? or where would you like to go?
An dance performance of a young woman performing an ballet dance in a theatre with an blue background, she is slender thin with long brown hair.
She wears glasses and bites on the tip of the pencil as she critiques and makes changes to the theatre production, music scores and dance like an art director/instructor.
An memory of a game of twister from years ago.
-me "who is she?"
"She came to my site before, she layed down the white flowers at my grave, I just wanted to see her that's all. anyways it's not
important, we all move on eventually. Can you tell her that I really appreciate the white flowers and those white bell flowers, I appreciate that she took the time. Tell her that I wish her nothing but the best and I've seen her performances and that she still has an stunning figure."

flash back memories that he is showing me of the two of them when they used to play pool.

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Ben noneofyourbeeswax

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Cpl. Albert Storm
An church wedding chapel, an groom in black tuxedo with red flower sticking out of his la pelle.
wedding song goes "oh when you somebody like.." -google search
out door hot tub jacuzzi sipping champagne.
An old elderly woman in a pink knit sweater with grey fluffy hair and a small energetic maltese/jack russel dog
walking down the neighbourhood streets.
She has an glass jar of biscotti that she keeps, the little white furred energetic dog hops onto
the chair with almost human like posture putting both paws on the table furniture as it begins to nibble on the biscotti.

Thanks giving dinner, the elderly grandmother type figure would always make the mash potatoes mixed
in with some green peas.

An heroes welcome in his home town as police motorcycles with lights on lead the precession of
the motorcade into the graveyard. Trumpets play and people throw red roses onto the dirt as
they bid their fair well to Corporal.
One christmas an child got a pogo stick for christmas.
An grave site, an female figure is seen taking photographs at the site. Burning a white candle
and pouring a glass of wine in a goblet.
The echoing sound of a harmonica..

An father and daughter at a playground, as a child she would always leap from the top of the
playground and jump into the soft sand box cushioning her landing.
As she grows up the corporal laughs remembering that time when she went hiking and fell face first
into some mud and dirt, though she wasn't seriously injured but he found it funny when she tripped and fell.

He comments about her singing in the choir wearing an white robe inside a latter day saint church, swaying and
clapping her hands to the beat of the church choir music.

He is proud of her bravery and tenacity as he watches her hike, she wouldn't mind getting her hands dirty
in the soft mud of a hill side, as she grabs onto roots and trees on a steep hill rather than take the long winding road
up the hill.

There's an large hill that his daughter rests her legs and does some reading under during warm sunny days as she reads
a book under the cool shade of the tree in the open fields.

An man's watch with an metallic silver band, there are three smaller dials that rotate within the watch with an blue background,
this watch belonged to Albert Storms.
He is commenting about how proud he is of her as he flexs his biceps to indicate her strength, given her occupation.
Makes a little joke about how his daughter always liked to add extra salt on almost everything when they went to the diner together before,
how granny would always spoil her with biscottis all the time, she be content to just have it for breakfast.

An children's yoyo toy..An woman baseball league as his daughter steps up to the plate and hits an homerun straight to the left field..
Suggests that a whistle would make a good gift for her, so she doesn't have to yell and project her voice so much in her occupation in order to get drivers to slow down.

Thanks her daughter for the cigar that she has offered at his grave site along with the flowers and roses of red and pink.
Inquires about an trip to london?
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Ben noneofyourbeeswax

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pte. Blake Williamson
favorite beer, coors or sleemans
recognizes friends that trained together in bootcamp at his funeral.
the same guy that gave himself an black eye, when he aimed an rifle using the scope of an Aug assault rifle, as the recoil giving him the self inflicted black eye-aol

An man with an green def leppard t-shirt on sitting at local bar having a pint of beer.

Caferteria, mess hall as the recruits mess around and have fun someone throws a metal fork and it
sticks to the guy's thigh.
There's always one joker class clown in all boot camps and judging by his shaved balded head,
lack of actual army rank, in brown shirt and green camo pants, I think he is a boot camp buddy.

Two buddies detailing the washroom with a tooth brush, then hands on top of head and do leap frogs
back and forth in the hallway.
"I got a daughter back home, she's my little princess"
He takes out an portable photo of a little girl with blue background, pink sweater and only a few years old.
brown frizzy hair. "She thinks the world of me, I sure do miss her."
"well then let's go see her, c'mon soldier.."
An football on a stand, portrait of a football player in white jersey with blue strips.
"Oh, wow, I can't believe she kept all this old stuff of mine."

He was there during his daughters dance rehearsal to see her dance in her cute little purple outfit.
He knows that life must go on and he just wants to see her happy. Feels sorry that she had
to lie to their daughter about what happened because she was still very young then.
Just wanted her to understand that he didn't want to be another mediocre miner or construction worker like the rest of
the people in the town. He wanted to actually be remembered for something great, to accomplish something and be a part of something
greater than himself, that's why he joined the military. To stand for something..

"don't blame your mother for lying about your father's death, she was only trying to protect you. no matter what, you will always be daddy's little princess. You are old enough now
to know that it isn't easy raising an child as a lone widow. Your mother deserves to have somebody be there for her, and daddy will always be here for you princess."

He takes a swag from the mug of beer and muffins that she baked, appreciates her cooking.
looks at the diamond ring near his shrine staring backing at her, as she props her hand up to support her head.
Jokes that she still looks great and sexy doing those yoga exercises with the blue medicine ball and free weights.
Suggests that he understands, jokes about her dusting the altar for prints and signs of the unseen paranormal activity.
"Oh, what do I need to do to prove that there is life after death and that I am here with you?"
Something about an uncle or relative of hers that passed not too recently, last year?

He is pulling an older man by the hand, wearing plaid shirt, slightly heavy set man with grey hair balding around the crown. He greets the woman at the altar, together the two
of them stand near the dresser where his photo and football is. The older man holds up an heavy fat chubby little jack russel terrier and smiles at the woman.
"Yes, everything is good and dandy here on this side. You don't need worry about us." The older man calls the woman his daughter.
An stack of poker chips and his favorite recliner, an light brown chair with an foot rest that folds out from underneath.
The old man smiles and answers back "Oh I miss her too, but there's no need to rush things now, when it's your mom's time to punch out, it will be her time. until then
you need to enjoy life. Yes I know she still goes to church and she still prays, i missed her too but all in good time. It's nice to see my granddaughter again, I remember
when she was born, we were so worried because she was underweight. Speaking of which you could gain some weight yourself, look how skinny you are, why back in my day.."
Blacke Williamson disagrees and thinks that she looks just fine as is.
They are now looking at the trophies of achievements for diving, swimming some kind of aqua sports.

-me "is there anything you like to say to her blake williamson?"
-blake williamson "Well, your father and I we are about to go windsurfing on this side and it's great to see my little princess again. I am just grateful that you
still kept all this stuff from my highschool days. I want you to be happy, I will always be here if you ever want someone to listen."

Williamson's widow's father "Just look after ma for me, you know some nights it gets cold out there and she fills that water warmer. We'll always be here."
An joke from her father as he rather be remembered as that weight lifter doing an muscle man downward flex in his youth wearing just a pair of speedos, the photo is a
black and white photo. (wow your grandfather was an very muscular man. usually they all like to be seen and portraited in their youth)
"Now that should get her heart pumping, your old man wasn't always this old you know" (smiles)
(the older man is also suggesting and hinting at the first time he saw her grandmother is back in the day when she was in her swimming cap and one piece swimming suit
the way she would gyrate on that hula hoop by the docks. how's that for proof?)
Dialogue between daughter & father
(a lot of these are answers to questions she has asked)

An daugther with frizzy curly hair at the war memorial monument sitting on a bench
"Hey there pumpkin. remember we used to sit by the fire and cook some fish on the open roast?"
An little girl in a purple one piece swimsuit with an life saver floatie around her waist, they
would jump into the water by the docks together during their camping trips.
An father and daughter flying a kite out in an open field near the shore, she would always get so exicited jumping up and
down always wanting to fly the kite. The father would joke around a bit and watch her daughter jump up and down to take the anchor and steer the kite.
"Daddy is proud of the medal you got for gymnastics."
"You know pumpkin, we still have to look for that lockness monster swimming out there in the lake" he says jokingly remembering the tall tales when things
were simplier.
"Well, yes it is true, you know you dad wouldn't lie to you now. go ahead and ask me anything.
If the red panda and your dad can bring grandpa from his poker game, we can pretty much bring whoever you want to prove it. What or whom would you like to talk to just to prove it?"

His father laughs as her daugther ask if even hamsters go to heaven, remembering the class hamster gerbil that died when she was in school.
"You mean Mr. Cheesy? the hamster/gerbil?"
"Well yes we are like energy sweetie, and its pretty much every where."
An image of the past when she was in her Justin Beaver idol worship phase she would spend so much time on straigthening her hair in front of a mirror plastered with little snipets of JB photos.
Sleep overs and make overs with her friend an brown/black haired girl with hair tied back in a phony tail held in place by a scrunchie as they straighten her hair.
"That was an awkward phase and why would you want to straigthen your hair, you look great as is. You were strong too and if I remember correctly.
There was that time you took that heavy water tank in one hoist and almost got hurt. Those water tanks for the water dispener can be heavy you know. You have to lift with your legs."

"Well that's a silly thing to ask pumpkin and the answer is NO, no man is ever good enough for my little princess."
"Oh your mother has a say in it too you know. what does she think?"
"Well pumpkin, you know boys his age only have one thing on his mind and yes I was aware you two were making out, how do you think I feel about that?"
"You remember that date you were suppose to go out on and it rained really heavy that day and you didn't have an umbrella...well maybe that was me...maybe"
He smiles knowing he ruined her daugther's hair doo and outfit and possibily her date.
"Well I still am your father and even though it was valentines day but I will do what I can to keep my little princess safe. Like I said, no boy is ever good enough for daugther. Yes you might have spent hours preparing.."
He grins knowing that he threw an wrench into her daughter's plans.
"Also as your father, I think you should cover up some more, wearing that low cut dress and exposing so much...frontal."
"Well God is omnipresent, everywhere and yet not seen. It's a difficult one to answer, one of those mysteries I can't say but he
did help me rain down on you to ruin your date though."

"Oh my little girl is all so grown up now, well there are the "thrones", they have many eyes each facing out in a different direction. The reason you can't see me now is because if you could wouldn't that ruin the mystery of it all?"
"Well there are many celebrities up here, John Candy is up here. And when you reach the pearly gates, there's an sign in and in the book, it lists everything that you've every done in detail."
His not answering questions and details about heaven because some secrets can't be revealed just yet..
"Well let's just say he is part of a choir and choirs sing, that's what they do. When you pray we hear it."
"Heaven is different for everyone, because everyone is different."
"(john 14:2)In his kingdom there are many doors and mine just happened to be next to your grandfathers, we go windsurfing, play poker sometimes, golf with celebrities. If you knew
pumpkin then what would be the point of you living life here on earth?? Now you just think about that for a minute.."
"Oh you are still young and daddy will always be with you whenever you need someone to listen, you can pray and you can always call upon this little red panda.."
"I think you already know the answer to that, does it seem wrong or evil to you? In your heart does it seem like it's wrong for a father and daugther to have an chat?"
"I love you too pumpkin and now me and your grandpa have a poker game we have to go to, Gordie Howe is playing with us for a boys night of poker."
kiss on the forehead of his daughter.
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Ben's Collections
remote viewer, TKR, that's where I get my tags from

If you're interested to have an Remote session done, contact through here or via e-mail.  
Calligraphy among other interesting abstract expressionist sketches.

However I claim no responsibility if you deal with 3rd party interactions, I authorize no one to represent myself other than me, myself and i.
The written descriptions are free, after all it's just words and "talk is cheap", painting requires more time to illustrate. An picture is worth a thousand words so the saying goes.
Usually it's an rough colour composition sketch and detailed written description as a foundation for the basis of the painting.
Since typing a description is less time consuming than painting, I hope the description is satisfactory.

Rememberance day album, Veteran's Day albums and memorial day albums are all free, consider it an heroes tribute.

March 20, 2014 - Spetember 22, 2014, these months and only during this time will I be accepting requests and be open for business.
If you have inquiries and would want me to do an session you may contact me at this time, or ignore it and keep your silence and wait till 2014.
Third party agreements made without my consent or knowledge will not be honored.
All the albums on here are FREE provided for public demonstration.

Special introductory prices are as follows, I charge for the piece work not hourly rate.

*Standard low grade minimum session, black and white only with no colour = $80 Canadian dollars ($606 Hong Kong dollars)
1 X Rough black and white sketch

*Standard grade session in full colour = $120 Canadian dollars ($909 Hong Kong dollars)
1 X Rough full coloured sketch

*Premium grade session in full colour with Calligraphy = $180 Canadian dollars ($1360 Hong Kong dollars)
2 X Rough full coloured sketch with written 中文 calligraphy paragaph describing the context of the subject matter.

*Deluxe Premium grade session in full colour with Calligraphy, both methods of blinders on or off will be applied, questions regarding subject matter will be answered as well. = $260 Canadian dollars ($2000 Hong Kong dollars)
3 X detailed coloured sketch with 中文 calligraphy describing the context of the subject matter.

*Due to an previous history of constant violation of the honor system on actual feedback, the intention and objective will have to be disclosed before any session is done. In other words the standard blind target protocol will not be offered, but will only be offered to trusted customers. To avoid any misunderstanding of what is to be expected in the session. Again I repeat the standard protocol will not be offered.
*Paintings will vary in price depending on size and detail information. If you have to ask about the price of an remote viewing painting, chances are you can't afford it.
Bragging rights
Yeah I remote view you got a problem with that?!
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