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Arnold Bennett
Better than a bat in the eye with a burnt stick
Better than a bat in the eye with a burnt stick

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Thursday, October 27th., Cadogan Square, London. I read an article on patriotism yesterday which made me reflect on my own views. The article (not well thought through or written) referred to an OED definition of patriotism as "marked by devotion to the wel...

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Spoils of war
Tuesday, October 24th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken. On Friday I went to Nottingham under charge of Captain Lloyd, R.N., to inspect a National Projectile Factory. I have written an article on this for the Munitions Ministry propaganda. The press-publicity of...

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On edge
Sunday, October 23rd., Rue de Calais, Paris I could not work today. I think I find my nerves more sensitive every day really. I wish letters came just before dinner instead of just after breakfast; them they could not interfere with and disarrange the gener...

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A Full Day
Friday, October 19th., Cadogan Square, London. I wrote 1,000 words of a short story before noon. I then walked two miles and then drove to the Garrick Club. where du Maurier lunched with me. He practically wanted me to re-write Acts 2 and 3 of "The Return J...

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Saturday, October 18th., Cadogan Square, London Last night I had a letter from a solicitor and notary at Ayr telling me that Professor Grierson of Edinburgh University had awarded me the Tait Black Novel Prize for 1923 for "Riceyman Steps". Money: £141, and...

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Monday, October 17th., 6, Victoria Grove, London. Slept in late this morning but thankfully felt well on rising having been just a little under the weather yesterday. Of course it is the darker mornings which encourage the prolongation of sleep. I decided o...

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Sunday, October 16th., Cadogan Square, London. I suppose that in my own way I am a bit of a dandy. By which I mean that I dress with care and appear to others to dress to create an effect. I once insisted on having no fewer than eleven fittings to correct t...

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Thursday, October 14th., Cadogan Square, London. I agreed about 10days ago with Wardour Films to write the English titles for the English production of the German 'Ufa' film "Faust". I offered to do the work for £300. They said they could not pay more than ...

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A few ideas about religion
Thursday, October 13th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken. I was thinking about the distinction, if there is one, between beliefs and religions. Some of the belief systems I have been reading about seem to be accepted as religions, but where lies the difference. ...

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Thursday, October 12th., Comarques, Thorpe-le-Soken To think that only a hundred miles or so from here there are men crouching in trenches, trying to stay warm and dry, perhaps thinking of the life they used to live and wondering if it was not a dream. And ...
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