You really have to love the W3C.

A few weeks ago, I replaced <time> with <data>. We got feedback from many people saying that there were use cases that <data> didn't handle, and requesting <time> be left in the spec. It turns out what people were asking for was not quite the old <time> element, it was more like a variant of <data> that was specifically for <time>. (The old <time> was specified as doing locale-specific rendering, had a more or less useless API, and only supported a small set of data and time syntaxes.) Tantek made a proposal for how to handle these use cases, which I intend to add to the spec ("the <time> element is dead, long live the <time> element"). Unfortunately, since last week was the W3C TPAC meeting, and this week has seen a combination of unexpected family matters and work meetings, I haven't yet gotten around to making that change.

In the meantime, the HTML WG chairs announced that the <time> change had to be reverted, giving a deadline of a few days (during none of which was I near a text editor). I spoke to one of them in person suggesting that we should just add the new <time> element as Tantek proposes, and was told to e-mail him privately, which I did as soon as I got back to work. The response? They decided to direct +Michael Smith to hand-revert the changes, causing make-work for him and me (the CVS conflicts are going to take hours to resolve), and have directed me not to fix the <time> issue at all.

Way to go team! It sure is nice working in such a pleasant and cooperative environment where everyone clearly has the best interests of the Web at heart.
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