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Meanwhile, in Greenland. (Jump to 3:40 to see the big picture.)

This happened in 2008.

Alternative Facts are to Facts
Alternative Medicine is to Medicine

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This article is the perfect response to those who show intolerance but demand to be themselves accepted into your community.

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I'm writing a Dart version of my Sharp LC-70UD27U TV remote control library [1]. (My TV has an ethernet port and exposes a TCP server on which you can send commands.)

I'm pretty sure I just witnessed my TV doing time-travel.

I send messages one at a time, waiting for a response. Just now, after switching channels, I sent a `VOLM?` request, waited for the answer, then followed it by a `MUTE?` request. The volume was 18, and the TV isn't muted, so the answers should have been 18 and 2 respectively.

Here's the log:

I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:40:41.485525 ==> VOLM?
I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:40:41.486862 <== 2
I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:40:41.488129 ==> MUTE?
I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:40:41.489843 <== 18

HOW DID IT KNOW WHAT I WAS GOING TO ASK BEFORE I ASKED IT??? And why did it switch the answers around??

Not three seconds later the responses made sense, as they usually do:

I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:43:11.595704 ==> VOLM?
I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:43:11.604280 <== 18
I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:43:11.607810 ==> MUTE?
I/flutter (32367): 2016-11-27T17:43:11.612080 <== 2

I'm so confused. And a little scared.


DRM strikes again: apparently Amazon have decided that Windows PCs can't be trusted to play 4K content from their streaming video service.

I hate DRM so much.

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The hardware part of my laundry home automation contraption is now done!

Next step is the software. I've written enough littlebits cloud integration scripts over the past few months that I think the first item of business here will be writing a library to abstract out the I/O. I'm getting tired of having to manage TCP sockets and HTTP traffic and so forth every time.
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This is an aspirational layout that I'm thinking of attaching to the walls and hanging from the ceiling on some plexiglass or some such. It mostly hugs the walls except for the part on the left which is basically in the middle of the kitchen's ceiling and the loop part on the right which is over the center of the living room.

Any feedback?

This is an HO-scale layout, using Marklin C track. In theory I'd try to run operations on it, but with it up near the ceiling, I'm not sure how practical that would really be... maybe I'd need to invest in tennis umpire chairs or something. The ceiling near the top right is vaulted so it's possible to reach over there. The rest of the layout would be about 20cm from the ceiling so less room to reach over.

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The W3C earned a reputation, when it was first created back in the 20th century, as a place where the universal interests of Web users were held paramount. I think the time has come to revisit whether this reputation is still valid.

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#makeamericabrannigan is the best thing to happen so far in this election cycle. It's so good that it redeems everything that's happened so far.

#elevenseasonsandamovie? #tenseasonsandfivemovies? I'm so confused by the episode numbering at this point.

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The last week or so we've been working on polish issues so that our Flutter Gallery demo app looks and feels so good that anyone trying it is left with no doubt that Flutter is a serious option for writing mobile apps. This means looking at things like performance during page transitions, removing demos that aren't complete, and fixing silly trivial bugs that we've ignored for too long. In the latter category, for example, we have the bug I've been looking at today: getting the scroll friction in flings in lists to feel natural. This basically means figuring out what the magic number should be by tweaking it slowly bit by bit until it matches the platform! You can see my crazy setup in the photo below. I put two devices side by side and then do a fling gesture on both and see how close it gets.

Turns out iOS is very slippery, 0.125. Android is high friction, 0.002 if I remember correctly.
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