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The Bewitching
A love story mixing elements of The Notebook, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Beautiful Creatures.
A love story mixing elements of The Notebook, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Beautiful Creatures.


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Finally chapter 17. That old and wicked black book is back in Elyssa's hands and new dreams have replaced the old ones. Is it a sign of things to come, or something much more evil... 

--She constantly would find herself waking during the night to a cool breeze and an odd sound, as if someone was pacing within her room. She’d sit up in bed to find the shadows dancing oddly across the walls of her room. That’s when a low voice would drift through the air whispering her name. There he would sit, brooding upon the edge of her bed as if troubled by some deep concern and unsure of how to proceed.

Dantes eyes would slowly drift towards hers, and a feeling of deep sadness would overtake her. There was a look of mourning on his face, far heavier than anything she had ever seen and as if he was utterly defeated. Carefully she’d reach out to him, placing her hand gently atop his. For several moments they’d sit in silence as she slowly scooted up next to him, and laid her head upon his shoulder.

He’d reach up and gently run the tips of his fingers along her face, his warm breath floating gently along the nap of her neck. His lips would move close to her ear and again he’d whisper to her.

“You’re in danger. You have to get out.”

Just as he’d whisper those words, a large wind would rip through the room from the open window, and the light from the moon shining into the room would suddenly dim. A movement near the wall would catch her eye, and she’d notice it was from a large mirror that hung from the wall. 

In the mirror would be Dantes’ face, yet it wasn’t him as his head still rested near her shoulder and faced away from what she was observing. The eyes of this so called reflection were dark pits, and the hands pressed up against the glass from the other side resembled claws similar, but not exactly the same, as Dantes’ own when he would turn. There upon its face was the same evil grin she had seen before in the odd reflection.-- 

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Back to Dantes who's told of the danger that Elyssa and the others are now in. The mystery is, who is it! There's also the return of the mysterious demon and his meeting with Aine. Something's planned, and it doesn't look good. Although, that's kind of normal at this point. 

I also just entered the first book into a contest on Wattpad. I'll let everyone know how it goes but votes on the chapters and reads would be most helpful if you find the book catches your interest. 

--The cave was blanketed in the eery blue glow of splattered bug blood, and Waheela body parts laid scattered in various piles. The battle between Dantes and the attackers had lasted several days,and in that time he had died numerous times. So many in fact that he had lost count. With each death he had been reborn, and before the injuries could completely heal he was back into the fray of combat.

The battle was not only a struggle against the animalistic attacks of his foes, but also one within himself to not lose his humanity to the demon inside. It was a constant strain to use his strength to its utmost, but without letting it completely overwhelm his rational thought. Every time he found himself wavering upon that ledge, his thoughts went to Elyssa. The image of her in his mind pulled him back, kept him from becoming one of the very enemies he was now facing.

Of the three enemies, the Wendigo proved to be the most difficult foe. During the battle he had chosen to attack the Wendigo first, seeing that it seemed to be the strongest of his opponents. It’s ability to heal, like Dantes himself, proved the attempts pointless. As his attention was focused on an undying foe, it had left him open to be savagely attacked by the others.

Between being torn and scathed from the Waheela’s, and the giant bugs impaling him upon their legs, it almost seemed fruitless to attempt to fight back. He quickly realized that his energy was better spent killing off the bugs and Waheelas before focusing his attention back upon the Wendigo. While the plan was sound, and it lessened his foes, the strength of the Wendigo’s attacks were even more painful than those of the other creatures combined.--

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Looks like I'm either behind on posting updates here or they've disappeared for some odd reason. So let's do a bit of catch up starting with chapter 15. Kind of a little torn on whether I'm happy with the chapter or not. I debated jumping back to Dantes at the end, but I decided to save at least part of the next chapter for him since it's going to be something that plays heavily into how the book ends and becomes a main theme of the third book. I guess every chapter can't be some big drama or action scene, and some are meant merely to move the story along. 

---Elyssa took a deep breath and raised her hands up into the air. She cupped her hands and slowly a light blue glow began emanating from within them. Larger and larger it grew in size. She could feel the warmth of the energy she was holding as it sent tingles through her fingers and arms.

“That’s it Elyssa. Just a little bit more. Focus. More...focus...,” she urged her on as the ball grew in size. It wasn’t long before it was the size of a basketball, hovering between Elyssa’s hands. The center radiated a brilliant blue, and then started to turn to a lustrous purple of intense light. 

“Okay, now feel it. Feel every little bit of energy that ball has until it feels like a part of you. Control it, and bend it to your thoughts,” Alicia continued. The center became brighter and all of a sudden flashed in a blinding light.

“That’s it!” Alicia called out as she covered her eyes. Elyssa could feel an overpowering warmth within her hands. It felt as if her skin was about to melt off of her fingers. Forcing herself to ignore the pain, she followed Alicia’s encouragement. The blazing light in the center wavered in and out of existence as she tried to concentrate.

“Okay, now when you feel like you have control over it and it’s at its strongest, will it towards the target as if it’s part of you.” 

Another deep breath. The pain was becoming almost too much for Elyssa to handle. She glanced at the rock sitting not more than twenty yards away, and then back at the large charge of energy between her hands. Focusing as intensely as possibly, she thrusted her hands forward and felt the fierce heat immediately die down as the energy sprung with force from her fingers.-

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Chapter 14 of the second Bewitching book is up as of Friday night. It's not as action packed as the previous two chapters, but I did want to take a chapter to give a bit of the history on Aine since the Irish myths I read on her were so interesting (and contradicting at times which drove me nuts in finding ways to include it in the story!)

Up until this point Aine has come across as evil and vindictive. I wanted to give an explanation for that. Also there's a tiny piece of info I left out on her from a few sources I read that I hope can maybe reveal later on to garner some sympathy for her in spite of her actions. Also with the Sidhe, it opens up some mini-stories for later on, something I've planned from the beginning with the past lives and all the other mythology. And if the book ever goes anyway, maybe some Doctor Who'ish tv shows. So far with over 1500+ comments and maybe only five of them being negative, and several people asking about what it'd take to make it into a movie, I don't think that's quite so far out of the question...At least I hope! 

---“And what about Dantes? We can’t leave him there.” Elyssa pleaded. 

“We don’t have time to go back for him right now,” Annette said, trying to comfort her as she placed a hand on Elyssa’s shoulder. Elyssa quickly pushed it away.

“And why not!” Elyssa was almost screaming now as the tears poured down her face.

“Because you are not strong enough, and even with training there’s no telling if you will be in time! Right now, compared to Aine you are nothing but a helpless, spoiled, selfish little bug. And that is not, in any way, shape, or form what we’ve been teaching you! At this point we’ll be lucky if any of us make it out of this ordeal alive,” Alicia yelled back causing the room to go dead silent other than the quiet sobs of Elyssa. She had finally snapped, and reached a point of anger that no one in the room had ever seen. 

“...It seems I’ve reached my point too. I’m sorry yet again,” Alicia said ashamedly.

“Maybe it’d be best if we all turn in for the night and get an early start tomorrow,” Annette spoke with a bit of hesitance. She looked over at her mom, who appeared a bit worn and tired. This whole situation was weighing as heavily on her as it had been on Elyssa.

“That’s umm, that’s a wonderful idea. Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be good. Would you mind my dear?” Alicia said as she reached her hand out towards Shannon.

“Not at all,” Shannon smiled, wrapping her arm around her. Annette went to her other side. The two of them helped Alicia make her way to her room, leaving just Elyssa and Dewdrop standing alone in the room. Any resentment and anger she had built up about Dewdrop during the whole conversation had faded quickly with Alicia’s words. Another long silence ensued before Elyssa broke it after collapsing on the couch.

“...She’s right, you know.”-

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For anyone that's not on Wattpad and missed the surprise the other  night, it was the next chapter of the story. Since I've been slow to update lately, and got a writing bug over the last few days, I figured I'd add another update sooner rather than waiting the normal week. It's the biggest chapter of the book so far and I hope everyone enjoys where it leads them. 

---Suddenly, she felt something grasp her wrist. It felt somewhat boney and wet, and she cringed at the sensation. She looked up to see a mangled hand wrapped around her wrist. She could see the bones through the deep gashes as blood dripped down and onto her wrist. Slowly it pulled her up. She watched in amazement as this skeletal like hand wrapped around her wrist slowly began to heal.

She was pulled to safety just in time to see the wounds across Dantes face and body, flesh missing in large chunks, and bones warped at odd angles. Steadily it all began to heal, until it was as if it was never there.

“Are you okay?” he asked with concern. She nodded, a bit taken aback from what she had just witnessed.

“Yeah, I’ll be alright.” She could feel a soft breeze coming from down the tunnel. It had to be the exit.

“We have to slow them down,” Dantes said as he began pushing on a large boulder next to the tunnel entrance. The rocks groaned underneath as the boulder slid closer and closer to the edge. The ledge crumbled as it finally gave way, just as the Wedigo’s hand reached to grab whatever it could.

The Wendigo let out a loud roar, as it disappeared down the wall along with several of the bugs that had neared the entrance. Dantes peeked over to see that it hadn’t stopped any of them, but at least it had bought them some time.

“Run!” he yelled as he grabbed Dewdrop and they started rushing down the tunnel. Behind them they could hear the sounds of the Waheelas, Wendigo, and bugs as they resumed their pursuit. Worse, they appeared to be closing in fast, much faster than Dantes had anticipated. He began to slow his pace.

“What are you doing!” Dewdrop screamed back at him as she too slowed down. She could feel the pain in her stomach, and as she looked down she noticed the bleeding had worsened.

“We can’t outrun them, and if any of them get out...”-

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Okay, i finally found time to put up another update over the weekend. Chapter 12 - Danger Inside the Mountain for the second Bewitching book has been posted. Hoping everyone enjoys it. I was hoping it'd be a bit longer, but it seemed a good place to end the chapter and was still past the minimum of what I try to reach as far as word count. 

---On the outside, lying in wait behind the cover of boulders and debris, was the Wendigo and his pack of Waheela. It had been a few hours since the clawing outside the cave had ceased as it had done several times over the past day, before once again resuming. The Wendigo and his pack obviously had no intention of letting them escape. There was also no telling of how much farther they had to dig before they finally broke through. 

The only other possible way out was through the cave filled with untold dangers, and that was assuming there was another exit someone deeper in its depths. Several times Dantes had debated exploring ahead but he feared leaving her alone for even a few minutes, and she was too injured to risk moving. He had done his best to keep her warm, wrapping her abdomen with his shirt, and placing his coat over her body. He had nearly frozen from the cold, but it was a small price to pay for what he had done. 

He was thankful her injuries weren’t nearly as bad as he had first feared. While the gashes had been deep, none of them had hit any vital organs. The result was a lot of blood, but nothing life threatening, at least not in the short term. At the same time, she wasn’t going to heal if they lingered here much longer. 

The scratching noises from outside suddenly started up again. They seemed much closer than they had been before, so close that Dantes became worried. He had to think of something, and he had very little time to make that decision. He glanced down at the still unconscious Dewdrop, and then to the darker reaches of the cave. It seemed to be his only choice.-

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Been a long time since I've been able to update. Finally got a new chapter up the other morning. Even found a way to throw in two cliffhangers instead of the normal chapter ending one. Hoping everyone enjoys it, and that the wait for it wasn't too long. 

---Dantes growled as he lowered himself, ready to launch forward towards their assailants. His eyes faded to a deep red glow, his skin turned white, and fangs grew from his mouth as his demonic side began to take over. The only thing not completely demonic about him was the pitch black wings speckled in gold that ripped through the flesh of his back, although even the colors would lead one to think of a more forbidding side.

Dewdrop could tell from the look on his face that he was attempting to control his powers, to not let them get so out of hand that they completely took over his very being. It was a fine line to walk, and one she knew he had walked many times in the past. It still worried her though because if he lost control there would be nothing she could do to stop him. Her life would come to an end, and by giving in fully to his demonic abilities he’d likely lose his immortality. There was no telling if he’d be a match against the Waheelas and Wendigo in that state, but the odds definitely wouldn’t be in his favor. Either way, he’d lose his life or lose his soul.

She watched in horror as he launched himself at the closest Waheela. They collided with such force that they were engulfed in a cloud of dirt and debris. The other two Waheelas stopped in their tracks, taken by surprise at Dantes impulsive attack. It wasn’t something they were use to seeing. Usually their victims screamed and ran the other way in fear, making them easy prey. Animals or not, the Waheelas were smart enough to recognize that their victim was someone, or something, out of the ordinary.

The sounds of the vicious fight echoed from within the cloud of dirt. At first, they were the screams of Dantes in pain and anguish. Every so often the Waheela he was battling would let out an ear piercing yelp of its own. If the battle was being decided by sounds alone, then Dantes was on the losing end. The two Waheelas looked to one another as if deciding whether or not to join in the fight.

Before they could determine a plan of action, the sounds of combat began to die down. A bloodcurdling wail rang through the air and then all was silent. Dewdrop looked on in fear as she waited for the dust to settle. Through the settling debris a slight shadow appeared, and slowly loomed larger until Dantes staggered out.-

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Finally finished up chapter 10 for Midsummer Aine, the second Bewitching book. I had to research some Canadian myths to throw into the story. Very interesting stuff, especially one of the valleys up there that apparently hasn't been explored much due to people literally losing their heads. Anyways, I hope everyone likes the chapter and as always feel free to like and share whether here or on Wattpad.  

---“...But we all die, and we all come back. And because of who we are, it’s not like we’ll forget what’s happened. We’re not normal, remember? We remember this lifetime and those before it.”

“No, that’s what we think because we remember. What if we’re wrong? What if we die, and our memories just get placed in someone else. It’s not us. It’s someone who thinks they’re us because of that. But every other part of us, the part that makes us who we are, is dead. How do you know beyond a benefit of a doubt that we are the same soul from lifetime to lifetime?” It was an interesting question for sure, and one Dantes had never considered. It was also somewhat plausible, which scared even him.

“...I don’t know. But you have my word that I won’t let anything happen to you,” he whispered the words into her ear, wrapping his arms even more tightly around her. As much as he tried to distance himself from human emotions, he knew he had let her get closer than he had originally intended. Somehow she had found a few cracks in the armor he had placed around his heart. The thought of losing her worried him. It was something he had never expected to feel again for anyone other than Elyssa. That worried him even more.

“...Maybe that’s why humans aren’t meant to remember past lives. Even if we do keep our souls, if we remember and know there’s no end then what’s the point? Why do we even bother...” her words trailed off as she fell fast asleep. The question though lingered in Dantes mind. If there was no end, then what was the point of battling evil, or even fighting for good? And if he couldn’t die, and remained immortal forever, then what was the point of his own existence? It wasn’t long before he too found himself fast asleep from contemplating such an unanswerable question.-

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Finally got Chapter 9 up after a hectic week. Dantes and Dewdrop find themselves in Canada searching for the black book of spells. And yep, the village of Whistler mentioned in the chapter is a real place that is absolutely beautiful, especially for artistic people! It's like something out of a movie. Too bad Dantes can't enjoy it because of whatever he is sensing following them! 

--He began making his way down the road along the tree line. He hadn’t walked more than thirty yards when he picked up a stench in the air that was coming from the woods. After a quick glance around, he ducked into the woods and followed the smell to its source. Not far from the road, he found what he was searching for. 

Hidden behind a few bushes and large trees lay a dead bear, a bear that was slightly larger than normal. As he examined its wounds he realized it had been killed not long ago, definitely not long enough to create the stench he had smelled. The bear looked like it had literally been ripped to pieces. Its blood was already soaked into large puddles in the snow around him.

Upon a closer look, he concluded that the majority of the wounds closely resembled that of a wolf or dog. Yet, there was something else. Whatever did this may have been related to that line of animals, but it wasn’t quite one of them. 

There were other marks too. These looked more closely related to hand prints, or something resembling a human. Like the other wounds though, these weren’t quite human in nature. They seemed much larger, and it’d take something of unearthly strength, far greater than a human could muster, to inflict such damage. Whatever had attacked the bear, it appeared they had worked together to kill it.--

#Wattpad #WattpadStories #WattpadBooks #Novels #Books #FreeEBooks #FreeBooks #AmazonBooks #Stories #LoveStory #Romance #Drama #YoungAdult #YoungAdultFiction #YoungAdultFantasy #Fantasy #Angels #Witches #Magic #Demons #Ebooks #TeenFiction #TeenFantasy #YoungAdultNovel #YoungAdultStory #TeenNovel #Fiction #FictionWriting #fictionbooks
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Chapter 8 of the second Bewitching book finally went up the other night. 

--She took one last glance over her shoulder as the hounds started pushing through the now broken wall. Their muscular legs propelled them towards her. With a deep breath, Elyssa stepped over the edge and began her plunge to the water below. She twisted in the air to look back upon the hounds above. All but one had scurried to a stop at the edge of the cliff. The final one, the one who had swallowed her orb off magic, had launched itself over the edge in pursuit.

Its claws stretched out towards her as it her descended behind her. Her first thought was the hope that it couldn’t swim. Then something strange happened. The hound’s face contorted in agonizing pain as it let loose a loud yelp. Blue lines of light, visible through its thick fur, began forming along the length of the creatures body.

The hounds mouth opened wide as it let loose one last roar. The light emanated from inside it’s mouth, lighting up the darkening sky. Larger and larger it grew.

That was the last Elyssa saw of the hound intact. A split second later she hit the water. For a moment, she struggled to get her bearings as the water engulfed her and burned at her eyes. She could feel the current pulling at her as she fought to swim to the surface. Above, where the mass of water ended and the night air began, the sky was ablaze in a brilliant blue blast. --

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