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Cooking for One: Broke College Student Edition
Hey y'all! I just want to start out by saying I'm so sorry it has been so long since I have was a crazy crazy semester! I can't believe it is over already, but I am so relieved that it is!! This semester brought up lots of new and exciting adven...

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Hey Everyone, Today I am going to be talking about KFC and how to make the best of what they have to offer. Again, I am not saying that fast food is the greatest, but I do realize that most people do consume it on a regular basis because it is handy. I figu...

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Favorite July 4th Recipes from Pinterest
Happy 4th of July!   Today is going to be a pretty quick post, but I was looking up recipes for a Fourth of July party later and I thought I would show my favorite ones! All of these can be found on Pinterest, I just typed in "July 4th Foods".     I thought...

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Nutrition Education: Food Groups and My Plate
Today will be the second post on my new segment "Nutrition Education". There are so many new education tools out there for people to become more in tune with what their body needs. A tool that most people are familiar with is the food pyramid. You probably ...

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Nutrition Education: BMI
Guess what day it is?! Today I am going to be starting a new segment called "Nutrition Education". I am going to be explaining topics such as Carbohydrates, BMI, My Plate, Fats, and more. Today I will be focusing on BMI and how this applies to your life and...

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Chipotle Chow Down
It sure has been a crazy Memorial Day weekend and I hope that you all got to enjoy it with your friends and family. (: Today I will be talking about Chipotle and how to make smart decisions when choosing between all of the delicious foods there. Okay, so pr...

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Build-A-Pasta Workshop: Fazoli's Edition
Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope that you readers are enjoying the beginning to your Memorial Day Weekend and I hope that it will be filled with family and honoring those who have served! Today I will be talking about Fazoli's Restaurant and how to choose...

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Cracker Barrel Side Choices (and making the best of them!)
Happy Thursday! Today I will be talking about how to choose sides at Cracker Barrel that will give you the most benefit. This post will be near and dear to my heart because I have worked at the Cracker Barrel for about a year and a half now, so I have spent...
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