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I am thinking about attempting something at GenCon this year that I did once before in the early 2000s. I want to run a 12 hour game. I am thinking I would use either Castles and Crusades, Basic D&D, or 5e. It would have to be a system that is easy to teach quickly, or everyone is already playing. The idea is that people can drop in and out, the game itself is a sandbox exploration game. The setting would be a large dungeon or a wilderness area. It is possible that no one play would play the whole time. As long as there was a steady stream of people, there would be an unbroken chain of players back to the very beginning.

The problem is, I have no idea how to organize this. When I did it before, GenCon was a much smaller event, everyone was playing 3.0, and I was an active member of a good sized forum. None of those things are true anymore. I don't even know that there are good forum communities to belong to anymore.

I ran it off the grid, and I think that would still make the most sense. I have no idea how I would structure this in GenCon's system in a way that made sense. That raises another problem that was not much of an issue back then, where would I run it? I ran it at a table in a hotel, but those are crammed now.

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Stonehell 4 February
Last weekend, I met with most of my regular group for a Stonehell session. They began by using one of the magic books they discovered in the Hunter's Hall to identify the key they recovered from the jack-in-a-box on level 2. They determined that the key ope...

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Nautical Rules Progress
Thanks to  +Carlo Bottiglieri  and  +Richard G  for the links to their work on nautical battles. I have completed my research and started my actual work. Besides their work I looked at: Pirates of the Sea of Fallen Stars Spelljammer OD&D BECMI Expert Set Pa...

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TridentCon 2016
Last weekend, I went to TridentCon and had a blast.  +Erik Jensen  really knows how to put on a great local con. This was my second year attending and I can't wait for next year's con. I started my Saturday by running Savage Rifts. I was a bit nervous about...

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Nautical Combat Rules
I am going to need some good nautical combat rules for one of the features I am adding to the Conquistador's Tomb. I am not interested in rules that are really only intended for one-on-one battles. I am looking for rules that will allow me to run naval batt...

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TridentCon: Murder in Stonehell Dungeon
Cleric Tibbers Fighter Frank the Enforcer Monk Rex Ruthor Paladin Unknown Wizard Unknown Barbarian Gorge Rogue Sir Bacon My Stonehell session at TridentCon this weekend was wild and a great deal of fun to CK. I ran Stonehell, using Castles & Crusades, for a...

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September's Stonehell Session
The party decided not to risk its luck with the Hunter’s Lodge again this time and instead decided to explore a sublevel they discovered last year, but never explored. They knew of two entrances to the sublevel, one in area 1A28, and another in area 1A31. T...

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Tridentcon Prep Update
My prep for Tridentcon continues, I expect to be done by the end of the weekend. I have an outline for my Star Wars game, and I might just keep it at that. So far, no one is signed up for it, so I might just come armed with the outline and pre-gens to run i...

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Stonehell August Game
This Stonehell session went well. The party started by checking out the repaired stone head. They determined that the head now could answer more than three questions, provided new, cryptic responses, and seemed to be more unreliable. While leaving the head ...

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TridentCon Prep Progress Update
When I posted again for the first time in a year, I listed some items that I needed to complete prior to TridentCon in October. I have been making good progress so far. Refresh my Savage Worlds rules knowledge Refresh my Star Wars rules knowledge Make prege...
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