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Helping Nonprofits Save Money by Saving Energy
Helping Nonprofits Save Money by Saving Energy

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SolarCity created a new panel via a proprietary process that ups performance and reduces manufacturing costs.

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Brilliant way to make parking lots energy producers.

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North Americas in many states across the US  became very aware of the #polarvortex  this winter.  Learn more about it from our friends at +Will Steger Foundation 

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Shared from +Greener Ideal 
Green Home Ideas: Smart Technology that Won’t Break the Bank

Green technology products used to be quite expensive, putting them out of reach for the average family.

However, that has changed, and there are now a number of eco-friendly gadgets on the market that are not only affordable but can also help you save money over time and create a sustainable home for your family.

The following products will get you started on your quest toward green living! 

Read more at: | Greener Ideal

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Like pickles? Make your own! Learn why organic gardening is better for the environment.

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Want to live in a tiny, zero energy home that can be remote controlled via cell phone? What a neat idea.

Welcome to the new EnerChange community on Google+.  This is a community for our EnerChangers and people interested in learning about and sharing ideas for increasing energy efficiency.  Connect and share with EnerChangers like yourself.  Share you successes and goals.

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The forecast says 8 inches of snow on Monday and 75 degrees on Sunday. Earth, you are truly weird. Happy Earth Day!

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We love this beautiful infographic about recycling.

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Mosaic, a California startup, connects investors with organizations seeking funding for solar panels. Very cool!
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