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I have been using Picasso in my project. It is a dashboard-like app where there are several tiles on the screen, each has a listview of up to 5 images coming from different sources.
Picasso handles it well and keeps memory consumption at bay.
However, I tried a few times to let it download the images (I see the red indicator from network and the green ones from memory), then I disabled the Internet on the tablet, but I can't see any images coming from disk (grey indicator).
It either shows the ones from memory or nothing...anything I'm missing?

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Westfield Stratford, London

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Wonderful in summer (when I've been there), speechless beauty in winter
Peyto Lake in Winter

Here's a first result of this weekend's outing to Peyto together with +Paul Zizka. I say result because this is a 'meh' image.

I don't feel strongly about this at all. 


Because I believe conditions are everything when you are photographing in the Rockies. And when the light isn't there, whatever you do, whatever you 'think' you are doing, is wrong. It will never give you spectacular results even with spectacular scenery in front of you.
I believe very strongly that everybody should work with the area around their home. Maybe even within a 50km radius. Sounds crazy right?

Think about this.

I can see the mountains from my place. The closest ones are about 45min away. The first National Park only 1h15 away. In my opinion that is too far away. If I would go out to those Rockies week after week I would go bust (and broke) almost every sunrise. 

But really, why?

Because I don't know the land.
Photographing close to home keeps you in touch with the land around you and you see stuff happening. You see the right conditions happening. You can see minute changes around you happening, day after day, season after season. You start to know the land. You feel the rhythm of mother nature's heart around you. And you start to form a relationship with her.

I think that is a very important lesson to learn in any landscape photographer's career. Just driving to a spectacular location without knowledge of weather and light will make you come home empty handed. Every time. Guaranteed!

But I hear you say: "How come all the pro's get always all the good stuff?" Well they stay put for a week, maybe two, and they get up every morning. Photograph every sunrise. Eventually they will get something they are happy with and move on. 

Landscape photography takes a lot of patience, perseverance, a little luck and a lot of hard work! You don't think you can skip all of that and rely solely on getting lucky now do you, punk? :)

Camera: Mamiya RB67 Pro SD
Film: Ilford Delta 100
Filters: none
Lens: Mamiya KL 65mm ƒ/4 L
Exposure time: 1/8 @ ƒ22
Developed in: Ilford DD-x 1+4, 14min @ 20C (N+1)
Scanned: Using Epson V600 at 1200dpi

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iPhone reviewed by Apple.

They also like it.

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That's a long chain already... Horsemeat found in beef burgers on sale in UK and Ireland.

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I fail to understand. Really. Even if it is only to show up.

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