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Beauty and wonder
Beauty and wonder

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I have been thinking about Lasers and Feelings mechanics all day. And about how I want to do a bunnies and burrows game with them.
I want to break out of the mindset of killing monsters and gathering treasure equals adventure.
Exploration and a sense of danger is what I crave. A sense of wonder.
It was Erik Tenkar who was talking about it the other day.
Humans are the monster and all animals are NPC races.

Lazers and feelings is a binary resolution system, like Bivius and Miso. Its a popular method among solo players.

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I just learned that Venger Satanis is writing a sequel to his first kickstarted book- The Islands of Purple Haunted Putrescence.
Its a glorious hex crawl of weird savage pulpy science fantasy. In one hex you see humans in cages in a caravan taking them to be tormented by necromancers unless someone intervenes. In others, cultists in purple robes worship a cloud monster they call The Thing That Rots from The Sky. It can be summoned and you can also enjoy the fruits of communion with it. Or be devoured.
It decides.

Its an ancient tropical island, freckled with ruins.
Some of its sands are dark purple. Much of its foliage is as well. I assume it has huge magenta, lavender, plumb and violet flowers which are eaten by and pollenated by swollen purple insects which are then eaten by purple birds and rodents who are eaten by the purple weasels and wolves (only weirder...changed by the crystals and the serpent men fleshwarpers) as part of a web of life.

I see it in my minds eye and its beautiful. Larva of the gods shimmering in the swamps at night, tracing sigils in the darkness with their improbable forms gliding weightlessly. Massive jellyfish drawn to troubled minds to drink their troubles away.
And a cave with a long lake. Canoe provided (check for leeks and leeches) with which to explore the echoing halls within.

There would be surfers and sailriders along the coast. And the waters would have an abundance of exotic life.
Urchins, starfish, barnacles, coral.
And when you go into deeper waters, dolphins, sharks, and impossibly large fish.

Anyway. I'm tired. I'm done rambling for now.
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Is there any archive of Lasers and Feelings hacks?

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Today was my ninth anniversary with Emmy.
We went to Ace and got some soil and flowers. Live ones.
Were building a garden. 
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+Zachary Bryan​ needs to help me watch this

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Generating tables for a game I'm inventing...
Developing encounter tables for my Wicked Maze-like game.
Some encounters are characters and may react in various ways.
In Wicked Maze, monsters have a difficulty (roll d20 reach or exceed target number to defeat monster) and a damage score one takes when a roll fails. I think a rolled damage feels more natural.

For Cultists, I created three categories, mooks, priests and archpriests (minibosses and bosses) but for mutants I just gave a d10 for the Difficulty Rating. Perhaps damage should just meet the DR by highest die type.
So if it gets a DR of 8 damage is d8.

For some creatures, I have multiple DR the first is the ability to evade (or avoid) and the second is to defeat. Evaded or avoided enemies can recur in subsequent encounters.

Encounter 5. Is the Pit Kraken. A hole from which emerge tentacles which will ensnare the unwary and drag them into the pit never to be seen again. 

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Encounters based on pictures-

1. Mimic
Some people and objects are actually a sort of monster that can generate shape. Some can even glow strategically.
Tables and chairs, humanoids of any color skin clothing and hair (it can make skin glow and flicker)
They are dense and clumsy and cannot run. They heave themselves like clumps trapped in a bag of meat.
When they drop the illusion it looks like pulled taffy but with eyes, mouths, and various claws, tentacles, and improvised pseudopods.

2. Hovering Quadraped
The quadruped speaks in shrieks and hums.
It will, without cause, run at and kick people, or run away. It can elevate a few feet off the ground.
It seems to like beer.

3. Malevolent Banana
Presumably torn from an evil tree, this brutal fruit is permanently fixated on general mayhem. Upturning, dumping, breaking, and bleeding.

4. Bellowing Hulk
Screams gibberish all day and night. Perhaps he is enchanted and is trying to warn everyone of his coming.
His bite attack is generally fatal.

5. Smoldering Phantasm
Visible to wizards, dreamers, and machines of specialized sensory ability, the phantasm is an astral projection. Its aims are vague and obscure. It sees whoever see it. It leads people to things, places, and people of significance.

When they reach it, they vanish.

6. Androids
There exist machines that replicate bodies and generate minds for androids. They are "born" speaking the common tongue but without a name or a culture.
They attempt to blend in wherever they go.

6. Body Swap Room
A lead scientist directs orderlies to seize intruders and submit to body swapping. They are tagged for study and ejected. The room is empty next time it is entered. 
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