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Tim McAfee
Web coder, husband, father and mild dyslexic living in the frosted fruited plains.
Web coder, husband, father and mild dyslexic living in the frosted fruited plains.
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Take that, extroverts!… or don't… whatever you want…
(Tue02) Unleashing the power of introverts--read the NPR interview with author Susan Cain.

This is her quick quiz to determine your level of introversion. You may find this hard to believe, but I am an introvert. I would answer almost every one of these as "true."

1. ____ I prefer one-on-one conversations to group activities.

2. ____ I often prefer to express myself in writing.

3. ____ I enjoy solitude.

4. ____ I seem to care about wealth, fame, and status less than my peers.

5. ____ I dislike small talk, but I enjoy talking in depth about topics that matter to me.

6. ____ People tell me that I'm a good listener.

7. ____ I'm not a big risk-taker.

8. ____ I enjoy work that allows me to "dive in" with few interruptions.

9. ____ I like to celebrate birthdays on a small scale, with only one or two close friends or family members.

10. ____ People describe me as "soft-spoken" or "mellow."

11. ____ I prefer not to show or discuss my work with others until it's finished.

12. ____ I dislike conflict.

13. ____ I do my best work on my own.

14. ______I tend to think before I speak.

15.____ I feel drained after being out and about, even if I've enjoyed myself.

16. ______I often let calls go through to voice mail.

17. ______If you had to choose, I'd prefer a weekend with absolutely nothing to do to one with too many things scheduled.

18. ____ I don't enjoy multitasking.

19. ____ I can concentrate easily

20. ____ In classroom situations, I prefer lectures to seminars.

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Dave Barry on North Dakota

(from Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need ©1991)

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Behold, the perfect desert companion of the turducken. #strechypants #happythanksgiving
A Cherry Pie, an Apple Pie and a Pumpkin Pie, Each Cooked Inside a Separate Cake, and Then All Cooked Together inside Another Cake

Neatorama - "It is a called a cherpumple, and it represents all that remains good and right in this fallen world. Pastry chef David Lowery made this 21 lb. 10 oz. concoction for guests at the Grand Geneva Resort in Wisconsin. I feel a rekindling of hope for the human race because we can still do great things like this."

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This, Jen, is the internet…

So, why does it ask me to verify/enable chat every time I view the plus homepage?
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